Published April 12, 2016

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I maintain lists for knowledge management and social business thought leaders and consultants. The lists are available at:

Please comment with suggested additions or better links for these two lists. If any of these people are no longer with us, please let me know that as well, so I can move them to the Gone, but not forgotten section.

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Profiles in Knowledge

  1. Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) 19-Dec-17: Debra Amidon, Patti Anklam, Charles Savage, Jean-Claude Monney, David Skyrme, Wendi Pohs, and Ron Smart
  2. Compaq Computer Corporation 26-Dec-17: Max Bromley, Earle Craigie, John Tohline, Etienne Bossard, and Ron Kempf
  3. Hewlett-Packard (HP) 02-Jan-18: Andrew Gent, Bruce Karney, Bernard Hennecker, Marcus Funke, Birgit Gobi, Stephanie Barnes, Nancy Settle-Murphy, Marko Kiiski, Deborah Plumley, Peggy Parskey, Michael Wyrsch, Ron Plourde, Marilyn Martiny, Chuck Sieloff, and Gita Haghi
  4. Deloitte 08-Jan-18: Lee Romero, Curtis Conley, Ray Sims, Gloria Burke, Marti Heyman, John Hagel, John Seely Brown, Pete Williams, Jean Pagani, Chris Heuer, Andrew Wright, Robert Hillard, Ido Namir, Symon Garfield, Daniel Lee, Chris Fletcher, Dave Thomas, Lucas McDonnell, and Adriaan Jooste
  5. Columbia University Information and Knowledge Strategy Program 16-Jan-18: Mary Abraham, Madelyn Blair, Vanessa DiMauro, Jeanne Harris, Ed Hoffman, Ralph Poole, Tim Powell, Kate Pugh, Guy St. Clair, Nancy Dixon, T.J. Elliott, Illana Raia, Catherine Shinners, and Lesley Shneier
  6. Max Boisot 22-Jan-18
  7. Jay Cross 29-Jan-18
  8. Peter Drucker 07-Feb-18
  9. Carl Frappaolo 12-Feb-18
  10. Jack Grayson 20-Feb-18
  11. Frank Leistner 26-Feb-18
  12. Melissie Rumizen 05-Mar-18
  13. Verna Allee 13-Mar-18
  14. Kaye Vivian, Part 1: Profiles in KnowledgePart 2Part 3Part 4 19-Mar-18
  15. Graham Durant-Law 13-Apr-18
  16. Carla O’Dell 17-Apr-18
  17. Bob Buckman 23-Apr-18
  18. David Garvin 24-Apr-18
  19. Susan Hanley 27-Apr-18
  20. Thomas Stewart 27-May-18
  21. Thomas Davenport 05-Jun-18
  22. Laurence Prusak 15-Jun-18
  23. Nancy Dixon 21-Jun-18
  24. Etienne and Beverly Wenger-Trayner 27-Jun-18
  25. Stephen Denning 04-Jul-18
  26. David Snowden 11-Jul-18
  27. David Weinberger 18-Jul-18
  28. 5 Important 20th Century Philosophers — Michael Polanyi, Karl Popper, Bernard Lonergan, Imre Lakatos, and Thomas Kuhn 25-Jul-18
  29. Alex and David Bennet 15-Aug-18
  30. Patrick Lambe 15-Sep-18
  31. Euan Semple 20-Sep-18
  32. Anthony Rhem 25-Sep-18
  33. John and JoAnn Girard 05-Oct-18
  34. Arthur Shelley 31-Oct-18
  35. Nick Milton 15-Nov-18
  36. Valdis Krebs 27-Nov-18
  37. Helen Blunden 05-Dec-18
  38. Matthew Moore 12-Dec-18
  39. Luis Suarez 12-Jan-19
  40. Murray Jennex 29-Jan-19
  41. Nancy White 28-Feb-19
  42. Shawn Callahan 06-Mar-19
  43. Chris Collison 29-Apr-19
  44. Alice MacGillivray 23-May-19
  45. Dorothy Leonard 05-Jun-19
  46. Leif Edvinsson 09-Jul-19
  47. Nirmala Palaniappan 25-Aug-19
  48. Joitske Hulsebosch 25-Sep-19
  49. Lilia Efimova 17-Oct-19
  50. Karl-Erik Sveiby 20-Nov-19
  51. Patricia Eng 14-Dec-19
  52. Karl Wiig 15-Jan-20
  53. Susan Feldman 21-Feb-20
  54. Mary Lee Kennedy 15-Mar-20
  55. Jessica Lipnack 23-Apr-20
  56. Paul Corney 13-May-20
  57. Michelle Ockers 26-Jun-20
  58. David Gurteen 23-Jul-20
  59. Madanmohan Rao 21-Aug-20
  60. Marcia Conner 20-Sep-20
  61. Rachel Happe 20-Oct-20

Thought Leaders of the Week

  1. Shawn Callahan 27-Feb-08
  2. Arthur Shelley 05-Mar-08
  3. Etienne Wenger 24-Mar-08
  4. Greg Reid 01-Apr-08
  5. Dave Pollard 08-Apr-08
  6. Bruce Hoppe 08-Apr-08
  7. Carla O’Dell 15-Apr-08
  8. John McQuary 24-Apr-08
  9. Fred Nickols 30-Apr-08
  10. Bill Ives 09-May-08
  11. Graham Durant-Law 15-May-08
  12. Jack Vinson 21-May-08
  13. Susan Hanley 10-Jun-08
  14. Richard Cross: Part 1 18-Jun-08, Part 2 01-Jul-08, Part 3 09-Jul-08, Part 4 16-Jul-08
  15. Tom Davenport 22-Jul-08
  16. Larry Prusak 22-Jul-08
  17. Richard McDermott 29-Jul-08
  18. Tom Davenport 25-Oct-06

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