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Marti Heyman designs, builds, and implements metadata solutions to enable the discovery of data, information, and knowledge.

Marti Heyman designs, builds, and implements metadata solutions to enable the discovery of data, information, and knowledge. She is driven by a passion to connect people to the information and knowledge they need — when they need it. She is experienced in many facets of information management and knowledge organization.

Marti focuses on generating revenue and cost savings through metadata architecture (including design, development, and implementation of taxonomies and other controlled vocabularies) and knowledge capture, storage, and retrieval in a manner that facilitates maximum return for the enterprise. Marti and I overlapped at Deloitte from 2009–2011. She is based in Ocala, Florida.


  • Owner and Principal Consultant — Heyman Information Services, LLC, 2022 — Present
  • Executive Director, Metadata Strategy and Operations — OCLC, 2016–2021
  • Information Creation and Curation Topic Committee Member and Co-Chair — National Information Standards Organization, 2012–2021
  • Adjunct Professor — Drexel University iSchool, 2008–2018
  • Executive Director, Metadata Standards and Services — Cengage Learning, 2012–2016
  • Director, Knowledge Management Strategy — InQuira (acquired by Oracle), 2011–2012
  • Global Knowledge Management — Deloitte, 2009–2011 and 2000–2006
  • Global Director of Taxonomy Delivery Services — Dow Jones (EMG), 2007–2009
  • Taxonomist and Content Expert — Solution.com, 1999–2000
  • Sr. Information Scientist, Research Technician — DuPont, 1983–1999


  • Drexel University
  1. MBA, Business Management, 1999–2001
  2. MLIS, Library and Information Science, 1994–1996
  • University of Delaware — BS, Chemistry, 1990–1993
  • The Johns Hopkins University — BA, Social Anthropology, 1978–1982


Book Chapter

Where Do We Go From Here?: Charleston Conference Proceedings, 2015 edited by Beth Bernhardt, Leah Hinds, and Katina P. Strauch, pages 536-538: Not So Strange Bedfellows: Information Standards for Librarians AND Publishers — with Betty Landesman — PDF


  1. Part 1
  2. Part 2
  3. Part 3


  1. 2020 The Complexities of Vocabularies
  2. 2021 Z39.4, Criteria for Indexes
  1. 2005 Developing an Enterprise-wide, Global Taxonomy (Case Study) with Peter Doliska
  2. 2007 Spec & Select: How to Be Efficient & Effective in Purchasing Taxonomy Software
  3. 2014 Getting Started: Buy It or Build It? How Do You Make the Decision?

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