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Patricia Eng is the first certified ISO Knowledge Management auditor. She is certified to conduct audits on any or all parts of the ISO 30401 standard as well as pre-audit assessments.

Patricia has given presentations and workshops on how to prepare for an ISO KM Audit and how organizations can evaluate the effectiveness of their KM programs using the ISO standard or to prepare for a certification audit.

An engineer by trade, Patricia first learned about knowledge management while on assignment at NASA when engineers discovered that vital information from the Apollo program had been lost. Upon returning to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), she was appointed Senior Advisor for Knowledge Management where she created and managed NRC’s first KM program.

Before her involvement in KM, Patricia served for over 25 years as an inspector/auditor of quality and safety programs in the nuclear industry and a writer of standards and regulations. Patricia is an advocate for women engineers. She conducted the first comparative survey of women and men engineers.

Patricia and Paul Corney interviewed me for their book Navigating the Minefield: A Practical KM Companion. I provided a review of The KM Cookbook that she co-wrote with Paul and Chris Collison.


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  1. Navigating the Minefield: A Practical KM Companion with Paul Corney
  2. The KM Cookbook: Stories and Strategies for Organizations Exploring Knowledge Management Standard ISO 30401 with Chris Collison and Paul Corney

Table of Contents

Part I: Chapters 1–9 — A new way to cook?

  1. A New Kitchen
  2. What kind of Restaurant?
  3. The role of the restauranteur.
  4. The skilled Chef
  5. Getting some help — the staff.
  6. Understanding the ingredients
  7. The restaurant critic.
  8. Planning the menu — the Chef’s Canvas
  9. Chefs’ Specials

Part II: Chapters 10–24 — Menus to savor

The Americas

  1. World Bank
  2. GE
  3. USAID
  4. Schlumberger


  1. International Olympic Committee
  2. Medecins sans Frontieres
  3. Transport for London
  4. Syngenta
  5. Linklaters
  6. Dstl (Defence Science & Technology Laboratories)
  7. Financial Conduct Authority

Middle East

  1. Petroleum Development Oman


  1. Mapna

KM in Mergers and Acquisitions — Take-away Chapter

  1. TechnipFMC

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  4. SIKM Leaders Community Presentation: To ISO or not to ISO? ISO 30401: Knowledge Management Systems from an Auditor’s Perspective
  5. Find the Pain, Fix It by Patrick Lambe

KM Chef’s Canvas

A strategic tool that maps the areas of the KM Standard against specific capabilities and asks 57 varieties of questions to help assess your own KM approach for a fresh perspective, and help prepare you for any journey towards accreditation.



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