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Gloria Burke is a KM and IT digital transformation thought leader, author, and speaker on knowledge management, enterprise collaborative networks, the future workplace, and culture transformation.

Gloria also has expertise in strategic visioning, implementation planning, and program management; enterprise KM platform transformation; critical knowledge capture and transfer; taxonomy development and implementation; communities and social networks strategy; and operational change management.

Gloria is currently Global Director of Knowledge Management at Slalom Management Consulting. Previously she was Managing Director of Knowledge Management at Charles Schwab, Strategic Relationship Leader for Global Risk Advisory KM at Deloitte, Chief Knowledge Officer and Global Practice Portfolio Leader for Unified Social Business at Unisys, and Global Knowledge Manager at Booz & Company. Gloria and I worked together at Deloitte, and we have both served as mentors for multiple KMWorld Knowledge Cafés.


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Book Chapter

Prove It! Using Data Analytics to Drive SharePoint Adoption and ROI edited by Loren Johnson — Chapter 7: Driving Adoption and Business Value from Enterprise Social Business Transformation

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2015 A201: Measuring Value of Social Tech


SIKM Leaders Community


Communities: The Hub of Social Collaboration — Company-sponsored, strategic communities make social collaboration most successful and valuable to the business enterprise.

Exploiting Social Collaboration: It’s About Culture Change — Deriving value from social media is not just about implementing collaborative technology. It is transforming corporate culture by the effective adoption and exploitation of new social tools and processes.

Social Integration: A Key to Maximizing Value — What is driving enterprises toward big data analytics is the promise of better business insights and the need to become more data-driven in their decision making. Enter the resurgence of data mining and machine learning.


Enterprise Social Business Transformation Deriving Maximum Value from Social Technologies Across the Enterprise — Intranet Global Forum 2014

Presence & Communications

  • Unified Communications (UC) — Real Time Presence and Connection
  • Conferencing and Collaboration
  1. Video and Audio Conferencing
  2. Real-time Application and Document Sharing
  • External UC Federation

Connection & Collaboration

  • Enterprise Social Networking
  1. Employee Profile and Directory
  2. Expertise Discovery
  3. Activity Feeds
  • Collaborative Workspaces
  1. Communities / Team Rooms
  2. Enablement and Effectiveness

Culture & Employee Empowerment

  • Strategy
  1. Vision and Road-mapping
  2. Leadership/Stakeholder Alignment
  3. ROI and Business Impact
  • Culture Change and Employee Engagement
  • Policy and Governance

Infrastructure & Application Modernization

  • Collaborative Platforms (Intranet, Extranet and .com)
  • Social Engine Customization
  • Search Architecture/Effectiveness
  • Mobility Platforms and Apps
  • External Market Channel Federation

Knowledge Management

  • Critical Knowledge Transfer
  • Sustainable Knowledge Capture, Repurpose and Reuse
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Enterprise Wiki
  • Video Center & Enablement


  • Idea Crowdsourcing
  • Idea Channeling to Innovation
  • Innovation Workshops

Social Data Analytics

  • Metrics and Measurement
  1. Adoption and Use
  2. Progress and ROI
  • Monitoring and Listening
  • Client and Employee Sentiment

Business Integration

  • Human Resource Functions
  1. Recruiting and Onboarding
  2. Employee Learning/Development
  3. Benefits and Self-managed Services
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Customer Service and Self-enabled Support

Unisys Case Study: Best Practices in Socially Enabling A Global Workforce APQC Knowledge Management Conference 2013

Key takeaways:

You can’t get there unless you know where you are going.

  • Create an end-state vision.
  • Develop a strategic plan and an implementation road map to get there.
  • Utilize metrics to measure progress and to identify potential barriers.

Focus on culture: People drive success. Technology is just an enabler.

  • Create a culture transformation strategy that influences employee behaviors and helps socialize how social collaboration can add value in their daily work.
  • Encourage employees to develop a company presence (profile), build a valuable network of colleagues, and join communities.

Adopt a leadership top-down model to drive change.

  • Engage leadership and key organizational stakeholders early on as champions to lead by example and to be visible agents of change.
  • People support what they help to build and have an ongoing stake it is success.

Keep tools and processes intuitive and simple to use.

  • Utilize technology out-of-the-box. Avoid customizations that add complexity.
  • Provide self-enabled click and learn education and training.



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