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17-Jan-07 Archive of Weekly KM Blog by Stan Garfield

KM Books

Wikinomics by Don Tapscott and Anthony D. Williams

In the last few years, traditional collaboration — in a meeting room, a conference call, even a convention center — has been superseded by collaborations on an astronomical scale.

Today, encyclopedias, jetliners, operating systems, mutual funds, and many other items are being created by teams numbering in the thousands or even millions. While some leaders fear the heaving growth of these massive online communities, Wikinomics proves this fear is folly. Smart firms can harness collective capability and genius to spur innovation, growth, and success.

A brilliant primer on one of the most profound changes of our time, Wikinomics challenges our most deeply-rooted assumptions about business and will prove indispensable to anyone who wants to understand the key forces driving competitiveness in the twenty-first century.

Based on a $9 million research project led by bestselling author Don Tapscott, Wikinomics shows how the masses of people can participate in the economy like never before. They are creating TV news stories, sequencing the human genome, remixing their favorite music, designing software, finding a cure for disease, editing school texts, inventing new cosmetics, and even building motorcycles.

7-Part Series in the Toronto Globe and Mail

  1. Part 1: Peer Pioneers
  2. Part 2: Ideagoras
  3. Part 3: Prosumers
  4. Part 4: The New Alexandrians
  5. Part 5: Platforms for Innovation
  6. Part 6: The Global Plant Floor
  7. Part 7: ‘Us’ power

Basis of Economy: Wikinomics

KM Links

Knowledge Management Research & Practice — free access available as noted by Peter West

Boris Jaeger also suggests the following special issues:

  • European Journal of Information Systems, 10 (2), 2001 (Special: Knowledge Management)
  • European Journal of Information Systems, 15 (5), 2006 (Facilitating — or Inhibiting — Knowing in Practice)
  • Information Visualization, 5 (3), 2006 (Special Issue: Integrating knowledge and information: digital concept maps as a bridging technology)
  • Journal of Information Technology, 16 (2), 2001 (Knowledge Management and IT)
  • Journal of International Business Studies, 35 (5), September 2004 (Focused Issue — Organizing Knowledge Processes in the Multinational Corporation)
  • Journal of the Operational Research Society, 54 (2), February 2003 (Special Issue: Knowledge Management)
  • Journal of the Operational Research Society, 54 (9), February 2003 (Part Special Issue: modelling organizational knowledge)

KM Questions

Q: How can I find out about the best practice to create a best practice database?

A: See Best practice replication: The evolution of KM at Ford Motor Company

For more information on best practice replication at Ford, contact Sanjay Swarup.

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