Originally published January 12, 2015

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In Quora, I was asked How can I benefit by sharing knowledge? Is it profitable?

One of my friends told me that “I don’t want to share my knowledge with someone else, because I earned it myself, and I worked so hard for it. So, why should I share with someone else for his/her development? If I teach someone, then he/she will apply the knowledge to his/her business, and our value will decrease, or our business will lose its competitive edge.” I don’t think it works that way. My perception is if I teach someone, then I can learn it better than before. I think sharing knowledge is great. But is it profitable, too?

Yes, knowledge sharing can be profitable. It provides numerous benefits to both individuals and organizations.

Personal benefits: Sharing your knowledge improves your personal performance, effectiveness, and skills, which should increase your personal profit. Sharing what you know:

  1. Helps you learn: by doing research, synthesizing multiple viewpoints, and crystallizing ideas

Organizational benefits: From 15 KM Benefits, knowledge sharing improves profit by:

  1. Avoiding redundant effort

Why do you share your knowledge? What benefits do you and your organization receive?

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