Originally answered Dec 4, 2017

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In the past day/week/month/year,

  1. How did I lead by example, and how will I continue doing so?
  2. What bold actions did I take, and which ones do I need to take next?
  3. What tough decisions did I make, and which ones do I need to make next?
  4. Whom did I help, how did I help them, and whom should I help next?
  5. What did I communicate, how did I do it, how was it received, and how do I plan to communicate next?
  6. Whose ideas did I seek, how did I use those ideas, and how will I seek more ideas?
  7. What did I learn, how will I apply it, and what do I want to learn next?
  8. To whom did I delegate, what did I ask them to do, and to whom should I delegate more?
  9. What commitments did I make, which ones did I meet, and which ones do I still need to meet?
  10. Whom did I praise, and whom should I thank next?

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