Originally answered May 16, 2017

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1. From How leaders can improve internal communications

In Why No One Uses the Corporate Social Network, Charlene Li, Altimeter Group CEO, wrote:

Leaders know they should engage with employees, especially via digital and social channels. But they don’t, and they offer a string of common excuses such as “I don’t have enough time” or “Nobody cares what I had for lunch.” More than anything else, they fear that engaging will close the power distance between them and their employees, thereby lessening their ability to command and control.

2. From 8 reasons for working out loud

They are reluctant to provide transparency in thinking, decisions, and processes

  1. Don’t want to deal with inputs and feedback from everyone
  2. Don’t want to have to respond to the ideas and questions of others
  3. Want people to do as they say, not as they do

3. From Moving from “need to know” to “need to share”

  1. Worried about the risks and consequences of operating transparently
  2. Afraid of exposing their ignorance, appearing weak, or being subjected to criticism, blame, or ridicule
  3. Don’t want to diminish their authority, so they give lip service to transparency while operating in a closed manner

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