Originally answered Aug 13, 2018

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1. Adaptable

  • Flexible: willing to try different courses of action
  • Resilient: overcomes difficulties, withstands setbacks, and meets challenges
  • Open-minded: considers the opinions of others

2. Assertive

  • Takes initiative
  • Consistently achieves challenging objectives and meets commitments
  • Makes effective decisions in a timely manner

3. Calm

  • Maintains a high level of performance even when under pressure
  • Even-tempered even when dealing with unpleasant circumstances
  • Balances logic and emotions when interacting with others

4. Service-oriented

  • Understands the needs and concerns of those served
  • Responds promptly and effectively to those served
  • Eager to help and support those served

5. Creative

  • Develops innovative approaches to problem solving
  • Invents new ways of doing things
  • Willing to try out bold ideas

6. Collaborative

  • Acknowledges others’ contributions
  • Works effectively with others
  • Builds partnerships and networks

7. Communicative

  • Speaks, writes, and presents effectively
  • Listens actively
  • Shares openly and regularly

8. Dynamic

  • Gets results
  • Balances analysis with action
  • Sets high standards

9. Influential

  • Gains support and commitment from others even without formal authority
  • Resolves differences by determining needs and forging solutions that benefit all parties
  • Facilitates teamwork across organizational boundaries

10. Personable

  • Gets along well with many different types of people
  • Nurtures relationships
  • Liked by others

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