Originally added Oct 12, 2016

Here are 10 responsibilities of a manager:

  1. Improve results for the assigned organization and for the larger enterprise.
  2. Define, maintain, and execute the operational plan for the assigned organization.
  3. Define, communicate, implement, and update processes for the assigned organization.
  4. Define goals, measurements and rewards for the assigned organization, and regularly provide feedback, recognize, and reward team members.
  5. Report regularly on the assigned organization’s performance in meeting goals — to team members, peers, and enterprise leadership.
  6. Implement detailed action plans for the people and projects in the assigned organization, including the manager.
  7. Lead and serve the assigned organization’s team(s), including hiring, reassignment, performance feedback, praise, and promotions.
  8. Communicate regularly about the assigned organization’s plans, performance, progress, successes, and failures.
  9. Network and collaborate with other managers in the enterprise, and represent the assigned organization in meetings within the enterprise.
  10. Model desired behaviors, practice what you preach, roll up your sleeves, get your hands dirty, and lead by example.

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