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The role of a mentor

  1. Answers questions honestly, fully, and helpfully.
  2. Asks questions and actively listens to the responses.
  3. Offers relevant insights, suggestions, and relevant.
  4. Available on both a scheduled and ad hoc basis.
  5. Suggests and makes useful connections.

The value of a mentor

  1. Advises, assists, and supports.
  2. Well-connected and influential.
  3. Provides wisdom and the voice of experience.
  4. Gives guidance candidly, truthfully, and sympathetically.
  5. Typically not in the same organization, so offers a safe sounding board.

How to find a mentor

Many successful people are willing to share their time when approached appropriately.

  1. Ask someone you respect for a short initial conversation, to be followed by recurring ones if the first one goes well.
  2. Post in a community threaded discussion to request one.
  3. Write to a book author.
  4. Comment to a blogger.
  5. Reply to a tweeter.
  6. Contact someone whose podcast or YouTube videos you enjoy.
  7. Talk to a presenter at a conference.
  8. Visit the site of a thought leader and send an email message.
  9. If the author, blogger, tweeter, presenter, podcaster, YouTuber, or thought leader is unable to act as a mentor, ask them to refer someone else.
  10. If your organization has a formal mentoring program, sign up for it.

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