Originally answered May 26, 2017

According to Robert Taylor, “Management is about the allocation of resources, and leadership is about the engagement of people.”

Here are three important management roles:

  1. Ensure that the organization has people who help the organization accomplish its goals by recruiting, retaining, and replacing team members as required.
  2. Administer processes, allocate resources, assign projects, and approve key decisions to ensure the success of the organization.
  3. Support team members, shield them from problems, and help them to progress in their careers.

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Related to management, but not the same, is leadership. Here are three key roles of leaders:

  1. Establish principles, values, and objectives for the organization.
  2. Communicate these to the members of the organization to inspire them, align them, and motivate them to achieve the objectives.
  3. Empower everyone by trusting them, allowing them to make their own decisions, listening to them, and serving them.

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