Originally answered Mar 10, 2018

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The biggest hurdle is choosing, and then sticking to, a regular schedule for blogging. Put a recurring appointment in your calendar, and when you see the reminder, don’t dismiss it. Start writing, and continue until you post it on your blog. And repeat this every day, week, or month, without fail.

An additional challenge is coming up with ideas, topics, and content to blog about. Here are five suggestions:

  1. Maintain a list of ideas to refer to when starting a new post.
  2. Respond to someone else’s blog post. Write your thoughts on the subject and link to their post.
  3. Answer questions in Quora, community threaded discussions, and from personal communications. Use these answers as the basis of blog posts.
  4. Compile multiple tweets or short LinkedIn posts into a longer blog post.
  5. Use excerpts from longer articles and books you have written to create shorter blog posts. I do this with content from my book published by Lucidea.

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