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Poor leaders:

  1. Fail to think for themselves
  2. Don’t follow a clear set of moral and ethical principles
  3. Look out for themselves first, not their employees
  4. Emulate the traits of other poor leaders
  5. Hire mediocre people who don’t pose a threat to them
  6. Wait for annual performance reviews to provide feedback to their employees
  7. Communicate negatively and harshly, not praising or thanking their employees
  8. Don’t learn how to become a better leader by reading, attending training, and seeking mentors
  9. Worry only about the people above them in the organization, not their employees
  10. Say one thing while doing another

Bad leaders:

  • Criticize, Blame, Ridicule
  • Demean, Embarrass, Undermine
  • Intimidate, Threaten, Bully
  • Lie, Cheat, Exploit
  • Badmouth, Belittle, Backstab

Inauthentic leaders:

  1. Are timid and reluctant
  2. Point out what’s wrong
  3. Are ignorant
  4. Recite dry facts
  5. Wait instead of act
  6. Go it alone
  7. Know it all
  8. Stick to the tried and true
  9. Blow up
  10. React instead of plan
  11. Spin, make excuses, and pass blame
  12. Repeat the usual message
  13. Use clichés
  14. Withhold information
  15. Hide behind closed doors
  16. Are afraid to fail
  17. Obscure, obstruct, and obfuscate
  18. Play it safe and delay
  19. Always go by the book
  20. Exploit others

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