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1. The Three Eras of Knowledge Management — Summary by Nancy Dixon

  1. Part One
  2. Part Two
  3. Part Three

2. Knowledge Management is Older than You Think by Patrick Lambe

3. The Origins and Development of Knowledge Management by Michael Koenig and Kenneth Neveroski

4. Knowledge Management: Origins, History, and Development by J.C. Spender

5. A short history of knowledge management by Laureene Reeves Ndagire

6. History and Evolution of Knowledge Management Systems by Bhaskar Mukherjee and Mohammad Nazim

7. Evolution of knowledge management by Branislav Mašić, Sandra Nešić, Davor Nikolić, and Milenko Dželetović

8. Tracing the historical origins of knowledge management issues through referenced publication years spectroscopy (RPYS) by Ali Akbar Khasseh and Reza Mokhtarpour

9. A Brief History Of Knowledge Management by John S. Thomas

10. Where Did Knowledge Management Come From? by Larry Prusak

11. Knowledge Management: An Emerging Discipline Rooted in a Long History by Karl Wiig

12. Knowledge management: Where did it come from and where will it go? by Karl Wiig

13. The Seven Ages of Information & Knowledge Management: What Have We (Not) Learned? by David Skyrme

14. Module 1 of Knowledge Management MOOC 2016 (in German) by Boris Jaeger

15. Sharing Knowledge about Knowledge interview with Stan Garfield by Yadira Caro

16. A history of the first 21 years of Knowledge Management by NIck Milton

17. KM: definition, history, & current trends by Maureen Sullivan

18. SIKM Leaders Community thread



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