Originally added May 12, 2016

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It was when I was in junior high school and realized that I could be an effective leader. I was appointed patrol leader in a Boy Scout troop, and I wasn’t sure how I would do in this role. The members of my patrol were all very young and inexperienced, and we would soon be competing in a Camporee.

I held a few patrol meetings and tried to get to know my team members and their capabilities.. The Camporee required our patrol to compete in a variety of events, including orienteering (map reading), fire-starting, and knot-tying. We determined who was best in each category in our patrol, and when the time came, we relied on those members to take the lead.

We ended up doing very well, helping our troop to win the event. Our best map reader led us in orienteering, our best fire-starter got our fire going in no time, and our knot-maker led the way in tying knots. I was very proud of my patrol, and learned to take advantage of what we could do as individuals and as a team. I knew then that I could be a good leader, and I have tried to keep improving ever since.

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