Originally answered Aug 8, 2016

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  1. Serve your people. Don’t expect people to serve you.
  2. Lead by example. People watch closely what you actually do, and then mimic those behaviors. In order to practice what you preach, you have to know something about what you are leading, regularly demonstrate how to act, and be one of the first to try out new ideas that you espouse.
  3. Be both nurturing and demanding. Treat people with respect while requiring excellence. When those you lead do well, praise them, including thanking them every time tasks are completed, no matter how minor or routine. When those you lead fail to meet expectations, provide coaching to help them succeed. Don’t wait for annual performance reviews, and don’t send negatively-worded messages. Forthrightly provide feedback, offer assistance, and monitor performance until it improves. If despite your best coaching efforts, expectations are still not met, help poor performers find a role which better fits their capabilities.

3 most important skills to develop as a leader

  1. Coaching
  2. Communication
  3. Collaboration

How to be a better leader


  1. Principles — have a core set of principles and values, and strive to uphold them
  2. Act — take action as needed, after careful consideration, and in a timely manner
  3. Trust your people and colleagues, unless they give you reason not to do so
  4. Honest — as much as possible, be honest, open, and transparent
  5. Bold — don’t be afraid to innovate and try new things
  6. Upbeat — stay positive, optimistic, and calm
  7. Integrity — be ethical, fair, and accountable
  8. Loyal — always have the backs of your people
  9. Decisive — make timely decisions based on available information
  10. Enlighten — communicate appropriately, thoroughly, and promptly
  11. Recognize — regularly thank, praise, and celebrate colleagues and team members
  12. Serve — focus on supporting your team members with whatever they need

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