Originally answered Jul 12, 2018

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Good teammates:

  1. Listen actively, acknowledge the points of teammates before stating their own views, and give serious consideration to those views
  2. Give credit, praise, and thanks to teammates when they deserve it
  3. Take responsibility, remain accountable, do their jobs effectively, do what they say they will do, and honor their commitments
  4. Communicate openly, authentically, and accurately, provide advance notice whenever possible, and deliver bad or unpopular news as soon as possible
  5. Respond in a timely manner to legitimate requests seeking a reply, and try to say yes whenever possible
  6. Persevere, come up with creative solutions, and encourage teammates to do the same
  7. Trust teammates until given a reason not to
  8. Are generous with their time, resources, and knowledge
  9. Are tolerant of teammates, including those with different backgrounds and views
  10. Are caring, empathetic, and concerned about the well-being of teammates

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