Originally answered May 2, 2017

Spend time explaining how you will lead and what your expectations are. Then ask about their concerns, expectations, and ideas, and actively listen to and acknowledge their responses

Tell them that you intend to:

  1. Treat them fairly and with respect
  2. Respond quickly and decisively
  3. Understand what they need
  4. Support them
  5. Tell the truth

Establish your core principles, for example:

  1. Do what is right — logically, financially, morally, ethically, and environmentally — with decency, integrity, and fairness
  2. Do it the right way — honestly, accurately, correctly, and completely — with good effort, resulting in high quality, and meeting all commitments
  3. Do it right away — don’t procrastinate, make excuses, or avoid what is unpleasant — the sooner you start, the better

Then follow through:

  1. Practice and reward caring, sharing, and daring — caring for others, sharing what you know, and daring to try new ideas
  2. Insist on trust, truth, and transparency in all dealings — earn and respect the trust of others, communicate truthfully and openly, and demonstrate and expect accountability
  3. Look for opportunities to help, thank, and praise others
  4. Eliminate criticism, blame, and ridicule in all interactions with others
  5. Apply the answers to these questions:

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