Originally posted July 26, 2020

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1. Which is better for collaboration — Yammer or Microsoft Teams? by Susan Hanley

  • To support teams and teamwork, use Microsoft Teams.
  • To support communities, use Yammer. Yammer is designed to support broad, open, cross-functional communities of any size. Yammer’s strength is in supporting groups of people who may not know each other but share a common interest or skill. Yammer is ideally suited as a platform for communities of practice or interest with a conversational space for the exchange of knowledge. With its broad focus, Yammer also supports leadership engagement in a two-way dialogue.
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2. The new Yammer is generally available worldwide by Murali Sitaram

  • Groups have been renamed communities
  • Change a conversation to a question — Community managers will soon be able to convert a regular conversation into a question, if the person creating the post didn’t use the Question type when creating it. This can be helpful to draw attention to unanswered questions and also to enable additional functionality like “Mark best answer”.

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