Originally published June 23, 2014

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Tips for starting a Knowledge Management or Enterprise Social Networking program:

  1. Identify the top 3 objectives for your program (using these 15 benefits) and focus on meeting the biggest needs of your organization.
  2. Determine who will participate in the program, which basic processes will be required, and how tools should support the people and processes by answering these 9 questions.
  3. Articulate the end-state vision: what does it look like when it is working? Establish a vision for how knowledge management should work and relentlessly work towards making that vision a reality.
  4. Start working on getting to the vision right now, in small steps, and with measurable progress. Implement, improve, and iterate key KM processes and tools.
  5. Define compelling use cases: don’t talk about adoption or rollout of a tool — talk about the advantages of using it over existing alternatives. See COLLABORATION, SAFARIS, and What are you supposed to do in a community?for examples of recommended use cases.
  6. Don’t start by rolling out a KM system. Avoid these 5 pitfalls and follow these 10 Priorities for a Knowledge Management Program.
  7. Understand why people don’t share their knowledge and help them to see why they should share their knowledge.
  8. Set goals, establish promotion requirements, and recognize and reward for desired knowledge sharing behaviors.
  9. Collect Content and Connect People.
  10. Lead by example, practice what you preach, and model desired behaviors to show others how it’s done.



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  1. Implementing a Successful KM Program
  2. Proven Practices for Promoting a KM Program

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Knowledge Management Author and Speaker, Founder of SIKM Leaders Community, Community Evangelist, Knowledge Manager https://sites.google.com/site/stangarfield/

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