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15-Oct-07 Archive of Weekly KM Blog by Stan Garfield

KM Question of the Week

Q: Who are some social networking gurus?

A: Here are 10 thought leaders in social networks, organizational networks, and value networks:

  1. Verna Allee
  2. Patti Anklam
  3. Rob Cross
  4. June Holley
  5. Bruce Hoppe
  6. Valdis Krebs
  7. Andrew Parker
  8. Jack Ricchiuto
  9. Oliver Schwabe
  10. Karen Stephenson

And here are three organizations:

  1. International Network for Social Network Analysis
  2. Center for Computational Analysis of Social and Organizational Systems
  3. Silicon Valley Networks Analysis Project

KM Blog of the Week

Blogs and Articles by Tom Davenport

Recession: The Next Big Thing?

Given that we haven’t figured out how to avoid business cycles, we’re going to have a recession eventually. And given what’s happening in the housing market, it’s a pretty good bet that it will happen sooner rather than later. It’s certainly not too early to begin planning for how your organization will manage through a recession.

I’m hoping this time for a more enlightened approach to recession-oriented management. Gone, I hope, will be the managerial conservatism, the mindless cutbacks, the early retirement offers to everyone with a pulse, the fire-sale pricing. We can do better, so let’s try.

Managers always get cautious during recessions. The only ideas that appeal are how to cut costs. Gone is the interest in innovation and building the top line. Of course, this is an attitude that prolongs the downturn for the overall economy, and it slows the rate at which particular companies emerge from the fiscal funk. The best companies, like General Electric and McKinsey, accelerate innovation during recessions. They know that their people have a little more time to think, and they encourage them to think boldly and creatively.

KM Link of the Week

Search CoP

Seth Earley and Avi Rappaport launched a community of practice for intranet search.

Running your own site or intranet search engine is very different from being a user of internet search engines — it’s not a black box any more

This search community of practice is a forum to share ideas, techniques and experiences in designing, configuring, testing, analyzing and maintaining enterprise search engines and search applications.

We welcome managers, hands-on search admins, search engine developers, site and intranet planners, information architects, usability mavens, user interface designers, user experience experts, CMS and content managers, librarians, knowledge managers and everyone with an interest in this topic.

KM Book of the Week

The Secret Language of Leadership: How Leaders Inspire Action Through Narrative by Steve Denning

Financial Times Book Review

Table of Contents

Part One: What Is Transformational Leadership? 1

Introduction: Ten Mistakes Transformational

Leaders Make 3

1. The Secret Language of Leadership 21

Part Two: The Language of Leadership: Key Enablers 51

2. Articulating a Clear, Inspiring Goal 53

3. The Leader’s Own Story: Committing to the Goal 65

4. Mastering the Audience’s Story 80

5. Cultivating Narrative Intelligence 92

6. Telling Truthful Stories 116

7. Leadership Presence: The Body Language of Leadership 132

Part Three: The Language of Leadership: Key Steps 147

8. Getting People’s Attention 149

9. Stimulating Desire 166

10. Reinforcing with Reasons 187

11. Continuing the Conversation 199

12. Epilogue 211


  1. Appendix 1: Presentation to the Change Management Committee of the World Bank: April 1996 221
  2. Appendix 2: Templates and Exercises 229
  3. Appendix 3: What’s Your Narrative Intelligence? 235

Special Offer

I first met Steve when I attended a class he taught on storytelling. I was very impressed, read his books, and invited him to present to HP and to the SIKM Leaders Community.

To celebrate the launch of his latest book, I joined with Steve and many of his colleagues in offering to purchasers of the book an impressive array of supplementary bonus tools on leadership, storytelling, and knowledge management, at no additional cost.


  1. Bonus Tool #1: Jim Kouzes — What’s old, what’s new, in leadership? (35 minutes ; MP3)
  2. Bonus Tool #2: Chip Heath — How to make ideas stick (25 minute interview; MP3)
  3. Bonus Tool #3: Larry Prusak on Conversation (60 minutes MP3)
  4. Bonus Tool #4: Kevin Eikenberry: 101 Ways To Be A Remarkable Leader (6 pages)
  5. Bonus Tool #5: Katalina Groh: Ben Zander and The Art of Possibility (streaming video)
  6. Bonus Tool #6: Seth Kahan’s legendary jumpstart storytelling methodology (8 pages)
  7. Bonus Tool #7: Proceedings from the ILA leadership conference in November 2006 (CD-ROM)
  8. Bonus Tool #8: ILA interview with Harsh Verma (5 pages; pdf)
  9. Bonus Tool #9: Rob Cross: Managing the Energy that Drives Innovation (20 pages)
  10. Bonus Tool #10: Dave Zinger: Change On A Page (1 page, PDF)
  11. Bonus Tool #11: Tony Quinlan: Mythology, Leaders and Leadership (25 pages)
  12. Bonus Tool #12: S.Sonsino & J. Moore: The Seven Failings of Really Useless Leaders (25 page pdf)
  13. Bonus Tool #13: D. Chauvel & S.B.Gee Leadership en francais (50% discount on Paris workshop )


  1. Bonus Tool #14: Annette Simmons: Building Trust Several Stories High (13 pages)
  2. Bonus Tool #15: Cliff Atkinson: Getting Started with Beyond Bullet Points (28 pages)
  3. Bonus Tool #16: Lori Silverman: 5 Sides To Every Story: Which Are You Missing?
  4. Bonus Tool #17: Shawn Callahan: The Ultimate Guide to Anecdote Circles (32 pages)
  5. Bonus Tool #18: Rick Stone: The Healing Power of Story (autographed copy)
  6. Bonus Tool #19: Katharine Hansen: Storytelling That Propels Careers (10 pages)
  7. Bonus Tool #20: Svend-Erik Engh — Guide to becoming a better storyteller (9 pages)
  8. Bonus Tool #21: Randy Dipner: Telling the compelling technology story (9 pages)
  9. Bonus Tool #22: L. Johnson: How Storytelling in School Creates Successful Leaders (63 minute podcast)
  10. Bonus Tool #23: Rachel Carey DeBusk et al: Sharpening Your Culture Quotient (4 megs pdf)
  11. Bonus Tool #24: Connie Ingram: Mentoring in the Mirror (5 page article)


  1. Bonus Tool #25: Stan Garfield: 36 Useful Maxims for Knowledge Sharing (2 pages)
  2. Bonus Tool #26: Steve Denning The hidden side of KM: Risk management (27 pages)
  3. Bonus Tool #27: Steve Denning: What is knowledge management? (20 pages)


  1. Bonus Tool #28: Madelyn Blair: Coaching session to keep your knowledge fresh (1 hour)
  2. Bonus Tool #29: Svend-Erik Engh: Telephone coaching session in storytelling (1 hour)
  3. Bonus Tool #30: Michael Margolis: Crafting the right story for innovation (1 hour)
  4. Bonus Tool #31: Connie Ingram: On-line coaching session (1 hour)


  1. Bonus Tool #32: Steve Denning’s leadership exercises and templates (15 pages)
  2. Bonus Tool #33: Steve Denning’s implementation tips and tricks: (90 minutes: MP3)
  3. Bonus Tool #34: Steve Denning’s DVD in Streaming video: Mastering the Springboard Story: (54 minutes)
  4. Bonus Tool #35: Steve Denning reads the Preface to The Secret Language of Leadership (35 minutes, MP3)
  5. Bonus Tool #36: Ten Minutes That Helped Change The World Bank (slides)

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