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18-Jul-07 Archive of Weekly KM Blog by Stan Garfield

KM Question of the Week

Q: We are planning to move our KM solution from Livelink to MOSS 2007. However, we are a bit cautious whether to go ahead with MOSS 2007 at this stage or wait for some more time. What do you suggest?

A: I suggest that you proceed with the planned migration. Any migration will involve challenges, but it is worth doing so to end up on a platform which is gaining widespread adoption. You can turn to a large user community for help, you will be able to take advantage of new features (e.g., wikis and blogs), and you will benefit from better integration with other Microsoft products (e.g., Outlook).

Q: Where can I learn more about customization in MOSS 2007?

A: See the following links for information on this:

KM Blog of the Week

It’d take a lot of it to make a man laugh… — Knowledge, communication, technology and life by Keith De La Rue

The KnowHow Toolkit

We put together a kit of knowledge sharing tools. A major part of this was the document library, called the “iStore”, which continues to be a major activity of the current team. Over the years we have also used web-based newsletters, a range of e-learning and multimedia tools, audio CDs, and an online quiz. One of our current tools is a weekly audio and web-conference briefing session. We record and edit the audio, and make the files available via the iStore for downloading. As the iStore also includes a subscription service, this is effectively a form of podcasting.

The team started in sales, and having some of us with a sales background was critical. Placing a major emphasis on understanding the needs of our target audience has always been a key to our success.

As the organization has changed over the years since, the team has gone through a number of changes as well. We have at various times been located in sales, marketing and operations areas. We are now in a sales support area, and we have become an increasingly important part of the operation of our sales force. Some of our recent initiatives have been given strong endorsement and recognition by Telstra’s senior management.

Another secret of our success is a “middle-out” expansion. We weren’t strictly bottom-up or top-down. While it has sometimes been a rocky road, by gradually increasing our scope, building our tools into standard business processes, and gaining management endorsement we have achieved a good level of recognition and effectiveness.

Finally, the principle behind the “toolkit” approach is that we make no distinction between content, communication and training. We see each as just a different medium to achieve the same end — an informed sales force.

KM Link of the Week

The Kaieteur Institute For Knowledge Management

Advancing Innovative Knowledge Strategy

The Institute is a leading independent think tank. We provide state-of-the art, high performance knowledge management education, research, and consulting services. We work with top executives to customize and master profitable, competitive, and sustainable knowledge-based business strategies and solutions. We have unique and innovative capabilities related to knowledge markets, knowledge-based business models, knowledge pattern recognition, the ideas economy, knowledge enabling software systems, and competitive intelligence. We assist our clients with the profitable optimization of human capital, intellectual capital, intellectual property, knowledge infrastructures, customer relationship capital, social and community capital, and intangible assets. We use disciplined strategy frameworks to help accelerate cultural change, gain grassroots buy-in, and develop knowledge leadership. Other areas we specialize in are expertise management, the development of knowledge cities and innovation zones, knowledge entrepreneurship, knowledge monetization, knowledge arbitrage, knowledge networks, knowledge workflow and transfer, knowledge continuity, resilience, and renewal, and managing the triple knowledge bottom-line for true enterprise growth and sustainability.

We Provide the 5 “I’s” — Ideas, Insight, Inspiration, Intelligence, & Innovation

Links: Consulting, Education, Research, News, Events

KM Book of the Week

KM Fundamentals ebook

The KM Fundamentals ebook contains a copy of the complete one day seminar slideshow presentation and full transcript from Ron Young of Knowledge Associates.

This seminar has been conducted in 22 countries around the world over several years and has been delivered across most industry sectors, public, private, government, education, and to agencies of the United Nations. Knowledge Associates have contributed this book as the starting point for developing open source KM education.

The seminar and the 145 page book cover the fundamental areas of:

  • What is Knowledge Management?
  • Why do Knowledge Management?
  • 7 steps How to implement Knowledge Management
  • Future and trends of Knowledge Management

This ebook is one of a series of 18 free ebook downloads available to members.

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