Originally posted November 1, 2017

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Leadership Matters by V. Mary Abraham: “This has changed the role of manager from one who drives results and motivation from the outside in, to one who is a servant-leader — one who seeks to draw out, inspire, and develop the best and highest within people from the inside out.”

From Lessons in Leadership:

4. Servant leadership: Leaders should serve their people, not expect people to serve them. If all leaders followed this maxim, employee job satisfaction would increase significantly. Here are three books to not only read, but to put into practice:

See also these additional books.

From How to Be a Better Leader:


12. Serve — focus on supporting your team members with whatever they need


7. Serve the people, the stakeholders, and the local community.


7. Service — serve your people, your organization, and your community

Eight Axioms

3. You can’t make yourself a leader by proclaiming that you are in charge. You must command respect through your words and deeds, leading by example, and serving others.

See also:

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