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26-Jul-06 Archive of Weekly KM Blog by Stan Garfield

KM Books

Return on Learning: Training for High Performance at Accenture by Donald Vanthournout, Kurt Olson, John Ceisel, Andrew White, Tad Waddington, Thomas Barfield, Samir Desai, and Craig Mindrum

The in-depth, inside story of how Accenture revitalized its fabled corporate training organization in the midst of worldwide economic downturn and major marketplace change. The company did so by focusing on the “return on learning”: how Accenture’s investments in learning and knowledge management could be planned and managed to deliver measurable business advantage.

The Accenture veterans who tell this story take readers deep inside Accenture’s operations and decision making, so other professionals and companies can benefit from these experiences in using training to achieve high performance.

Table of Contents

  1. High Performance through Learning
  2. A Vision for Learning and Business Impact
  3. Proving the ROI in Learning
  4. The Leadership to Succeed
  5. Phenomenal Learning
  6. Running Learning Like a Business
  7. Using Technology to Create a High-performance Learning Organization
  8. At the Frontiers of Learning and Knowledge Sharing
  9. Learning and Value Creation: Accenture Looks to the Future

KM Links

KM for Development is a community of international development practitioners who are interested in knowledge management and knowledge sharing issues and approaches. The main discussion forum is the KM4Dev mailing list, where the sharing of ideas and experiences take place.

KM Questions

Q: What are good ways to publicize a KM program or a community?

A: Here are ten elements which can be used in communicating. Examples are provided through the links.

  1. Web site: KM Site
  2. Collaborative team space: SIKM Leaders Community
  3. Community portal: APQC
  4. Wiki: SIKM Boston
  5. Threaded discussion: KM4Dev
  6. Regular conference call: APQC KM Community and SIKM Leaders Community
  7. Blog: KM Chicago
  8. Newsletter: Gurteen Knowledge Letter
  9. Submit articles to publications: KM Periodicals
  10. Request that links to your site be added: KM Sites and KM Communities

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Knowledge Management Author and Speaker, Founder of SIKM Leaders Community, Community Evangelist, Knowledge Manager

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