1. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
  2. Staffing
  3. Expense reporting
  4. Project management
  5. Travel reservations
  6. Learning
  7. Research & Development
  8. Manufacturing Execution
  9. Distribution, logistics, and inventory
  10. Scheduling
  11. Transaction Processing
  12. CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  13. Sales management
  14. HR (Human Resources)
  15. Financial planning and budgeting
  16. Operations support and modeling
  17. Process control
  18. Idea management and innovation
  19. Customer support
  20. Market research, competitive intelligence, and customer intelligence
  1. Proposal Management Software by Capterra
  2. Best Proposal Software by G2 Crowd
  3. 11 Tools to Help You Easily Manage & Create Proposals in 2017 by Jami Oetting
  4. ExpedienceThe Proposal Assembler
  5. SalesEdge
  1. Accent Present
  2. Empower Slides
  3. PPTshuffle
  4. QuickSlidePowerPoint add-on
  5. SalesEdgePresentation Software
  6. SeismicPresentation Management
  7. ShufflrrGuide to Presentation Management
  8. Slidebank
  9. SlideCampPresentation Management 101
  10. Templafy
  1. Top Product Lifecycle Management Software Products by Capterra
  2. Best PLM Software by G2 Crowd
  3. Aras Innovator
  4. Arena PLM
  5. Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle
  6. Siemens PLM Software — Diverse functions and technologies converge through PLM, including:
  1. Top Survey Software Products by Capterra
  2. Best Survey Software by G2 Crowd
  3. The Best Online Survey Tools of 2017 by PCMag
  4. Survey Software by FinancesOnline
  5. Checkbox Survey Follow-up Automation
  6. Qualtrics Survey Software Platform
  7. SurveyMethods
  1. Reporting Software by Captera
  2. Best Reporting Software by G2 Crowd
  3. Reporting Tools by Software Advice
  4. Reporting Tools & Software: The 4 Most Crucial Aspects by ClearPoint Strategy
  5. Reviews for Enterprise-Reporting Based Software by Gartner
  1. Process Automation Handbook: A Guide to Theory and Practice by Jonathan Love
  2. Business Process Automation by Sanjay Mohapatra
  3. Creating the Ultimate Lean Office: A Zero-Waste Environment with Process Automation by Raymond S. Louis
  4. A Beginner’s Guide for Business Proposal Management by Gaurav Sinha
  5. The PLM Primer by Stephen Dale Porter
  6. Product Lifecycle Management: Fundamental concepts, processes, applications by Riaz Ahmad
  7. Product Lifecycle Management: Driving the Next Generation of Lean Thinking by Michael Grieves
  8. Product Lifecycle Management (Volume 1): 21st Century Paradigm for Product Realisation (Decision Engineering) by John Stark
  9. Product Lifecycle Management (Volume 2): The Devil is in the Details (Decision Engineering) by John Stark
  10. The Ultimate Guide to Forms and Surveys: Everything you need to know about building effective forms and surveys that will help you gather the data you need and put it to work in your business by Matthew Guay, Danny Schreiber, Christopher Peters, and Stephanie Baedell



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