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12-Aug-08 Archive of Weekly KM Blog by Stan Garfield

KM Question of the Week

Q: What will you be doing next?

A: After spending 25 years at Digital Equipment Corporation, Compaq Computer Corporation, and the Hewlett-Packard Company, I have taken a new position.

Q: What will become of your blog?

A: All previous content has been preserved, but there will be no new posts on after this one. Subsequent posts will be available at My Blogs.

KM Thought Leader of the Week

This series has concluded. See KM Thought Leaders for a list with links to more information.

KM Blog of the Week

From Nancy White in CPsquare

Open Source Social Software by Josie Fraser

  • Open Source Social Networking Platforms
  • Open Source Social News
  • Open Source Social Bookmarking
  • Open Source Virtual Worlds
  • Open Source Lifestreaming
  • Projects to watch/Upcoming

KM Link of the Week

From Mireille Jansma in actKM

Google searches, at the very most, 20% of the web. Here are some links in case you really want to bypass Google and start exploring the real web, not just the entry point.

KM Book of the Week

What Would Churchill Do?: Business Advice from the Man Who Saved the World by Stuart Finlay

Google Book

Table of Contents

  1. The Unintended Consequences of Treating People Decently
  2. Don’t Hesitate to be Pleasantly Ruthless
  3. Stop & Smell the Roses
  4. Your Past can be a Bridle or a Spur
  5. The Habit of Detail
  6. Negotiate Hard for Your Convictions
  7. Your Own Words Can Make a Tasty Dish
  8. Avoid Being a Slave to Technology
  9. Stay Passionate for Things you Don’t Agree With
  10. Demonstrate That People Matter
  11. Keep Concentration in Compartments
  12. Praise and Entertain
  13. Survival of the Freshest
  14. Success is Happily Finding Your Level
  15. Don’t be Afraid to Coldly Comprehend
  16. Dealing with the Stalins of This World
  17. Entities Can’t Show Loyalty

Turning Churchill into business guru by Hayley Court

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