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New Ark Group Reports Now Available

“Next Generation Knowledge Management II” by Jerry Ash, and “Implementing a Successful KM Programme” by Stan Garfield

“The not-so-long-awaited sequel to Next Generation Knowledge Management from prolific knowledge management (KM) writer and Inside Knowledge special correspondent Jerry Ash has been published by Ark Group, just six months after his sell-out debut.

Called Next Generation Knowledge Management II, the report carries on from where the first left off. It features interviews with a wide-range of well-known KM ‘gurus’ on such subjects as the seven steps to personal KM, moving from a command-and-control hierarchy to knowledge sharing, and the creation and re-use of knowledge.

Contributors to the report include David Snowden, Robert Buckman, Patti Anklam, Verna Allee and Nick Milton, among others. “Volume one was an introduction to the full scope of KM. Volume two focuses on who gets to manage knowledge and how,” says Ash.

Particular highlights include Jerry’s interview with Robert Buckman, the pioneering former CEO of pharmaceuticals company Buckman Laboratories, who gives a straightforward commentary of how Buckman became a Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise (MAKE) Awards winner. The report also includes the analysis of other practitioners, too, who joined Jerry in the interviews.

“The future will be determined not by outdated frameworks, eye-watering content aggregations and portal monoliths, but by social visionaries, collaborators and coaches who focus directly on networks, conductivity, adaption, morphology and, above all, authentic conversation,” concludes Jerry.

Also released at the same time is Implementing a Successful KM Programme, a report from veteran practitioner Stan Garfield that distils everything that he has learnt from implementing KM at Digital Equipment, Compaq and Hewlett-Packard.

Garfield’s report offers straightforward advice from planning and strategic direction all the way through to programme implementation and the various technical components that many organisations use to underpin their KM strategies.

The strength of Garfield’s report is its no-nonsense advice, packed into just over 150 pages, which ought to provide readers with the framework they need to scope out a basic KM programme, without overwhelming them with needless trivia. Garfield also provides a copious volume of references and further reading.”

ISBN for “Implementing a Successful KM Programme” — 0–9554867–2–6 (10-digit) or 978–0–9554867–2–2 (13-digit)

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KM Questions

Q (from Raja Prakash Ramasamy): “I saw your blog in Line56 about courses/formal training in KM. Could you please add this information?

In Singapore, there is a graduate program in knowledge management: Master of Science (M. Sc.) in KM, offered by Nanyang Technological University (NTU). This course is offered part-time to cater to working professionals.

My colleague, Cesar Serparosa, and I are taking this course. We have learnt immensely and we are glad we chose to pursue this course. The last we heard, NTU is offering to upgrade our degree to an MBA (KM).”

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