Originally published December 12, 2018

This is the 38th article in the Profiles in Knowledge series featuring thought leaders in knowledge management. Matt Moore, originally from the UK and now based in Sydney, Australia, has worked in the knowledge management field for over 20 years. He has developed knowledge management strategies, implemented content management systems, facilitated communities, developed classroom and eLearning programs, and developed and written marketing programs for corporations, government agencies and non-profits.

I have been quoting Matt in my blog posts since 2006. I first met him when he visited Detroit in 2008 to participate in the first Midwest KM Symposium, and again at the third symposium in Chicago in 2010. Unfortunately, I missed him when I visited Australia in 2010 because he was in North America at the time. But my wife, Barb Hayes, was able to meet up with him and his son when she visited Sydney a year later.

Matt frequently offers his insights in blog posts and presentations. He also does so by commenting on the posts of others. For example, he shared his deep knowledge of philosophers in a comment on one of my LinkedIn posts.




  • Seven West Media — IT Strategy & Design Manager; Collaboration Manager
  • University of Technology Sydney — Sessional Lecturer teaching various post-graduate and undergraduate courses in digital information management, knowledge management and eLearning
  • Panviva — Senior Consultant
  • Online Currents — Contributor
  • PwC Australia — Manager, Market Operations; Knowledge Manager
  • NSW KM Forum — Chair
  • Innotecture — Director
  • ASIC — Knowledge Networks Coordinator
  • Oracle — Senior Manager, Knowledge Management & Internal Communications
  • IBM — Learning & Knowledge Manager
  • PwC UK — Knowledge Manager
  • Information Research Network — Information Broker
  • University of Warwick — Library Assistant


  • Loughborough University: Master’s Degree — Information & Library Studies
  • Cambridge University: Bachelor’s Degree — Natural Sciences, History & Philosophy of Science


  • Twitter (inactive)
  1. Engin_eer
  2. Innotecture
  • Blogs
  1. Innotecture
  2. Engineers without Fear
  3. Stories about Experience and Expertise


Cited by Others

Quoted by Me

  1. PASSIONATE about the domain & the development of a community
  2. A PRACTITIONER of the domain themselves
  3. Respected & liked by their PEERS
  4. Aware & prepared for the organizational POLITICS they will encounter
  5. Skilled in facilitation PROCESS (be it virtual or real)
  6. Willing to PERSEVERE on this for months rather than days
  1. Pride: “We don’t need to learn from anyone else, our operation is completely unique.”
  2. Envy: “XYZ’s KM, CoP, SNA program has just appeared in a news article. We would like one too.”
  3. Wrath: “I don’t want to WASTE time with any planning. Just do it!!!”
  4. Sloth: “I want all you underlings to share what you know. But don’t bother me about it.”
  5. Avarice: “Damn right I want to get organizational benefits. Invest to get them? Never…”
  6. Gluttony: “I want a million documents in the database. No! Make that a billion. More is better!”
  7. Lust: “I just love messing around with vendors & consultants. Meetings, workshops, everything. Just don’t hang around in the morning.”
  • Knowledge Management Visions — I’m interested in what people complain about, because when things are working well, no one says anything. What would I like people to complain about? For example:
  1. People can find me too easily. And they seem to know what I’m good at and what my experiences have been. It’s unnerving.
  2. We can quickly identify gaps in our information base — and I don’t like finding gaps.
  3. We seem to be sharing a lot of our IP among ourselves — and sometimes with our customers and partners. I’m worried about the leakage risks.
  1. to live and die in la
  2. i left my social network in san francisco
  3. seattle sound
  4. nyc — big apple
  5. put your hands up for detroit
  6. toronto — funky cold spadina
  7. boston
  8. chicago — swings & roundabouts
  9. iinterestiing south
  10. chicago — km & exhaustion
  11. washington — storytelling weekend — golden fleece
  12. washington — storytelling weekend
  13. America


  1. 2008 Midwest KM Symposium
  2. 2010 Midwest KM SymposiumAgenda
  1. actKM data summary
  2. Creating Context — Brainstorming, Improvisation and Knowledge Management (PowerPoint)
  3. Creating Context — Brainstorming, Improvisation and Knowledge Management (pdf)


  1. November 2009: Using Expertise: The Story So Far
  2. October 2020: More Than A Feeling: Knowledge Management & Emotion





Knowledge Management Author and Speaker, Founder of SIKM Leaders Community, Community Evangelist, Knowledge Manager https://sites.google.com/site/stangarfield/

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Knowledge Management Author and Speaker, Founder of SIKM Leaders Community, Community Evangelist, Knowledge Manager https://sites.google.com/site/stangarfield/