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Stan Garfield
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Ross Dawson is a leading futurist, speaker, strategy advisor, author, and entrepreneur. He is Founder & CEO of Informivity and Chairman of Advanced Human Technologies Group based in Bondi, New South Wales, Australia.

Ross has expertise in future thinking and long-term strategy, entrepreneurship, scenario planning, network economy, corporate innovation, parallel entrepreneurship, crowdsourcing, social media, high-value relationships, influence networks, Social Network Analysis, shared value creation, and concept visualization.

For more about Ross, see Profiles in Knowledge.


Humans in the Future of Work

Eight steps to thriving on information overload

  1. Set information objectives.
  2. Select your information sources.
  3. Set time aside for reading.
  4. Filter aggressively.
  5. Be open to useful information.
  6. People are your best resource.
  7. Develop your reading and note-taking skills.
  8. Sleep on it!

Human + AI Resources

A set of resources to help you and your organization amplify productivity and create a better future by integrating the unique capabilities of humans and AI.




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