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Stan Garfield


As cofounder of InfoClear Consulting, Wendi Pohs provided systems design, software tools, and technical consulting services to help large companies integrate semantic technologies with their new or legacy systems.

She focused on taxonomy integration, text analytics, intranet and website search relevance tuning, graph database design, and metadata management, providing strategic taxonomy consulting, taxonomy development and maintenance routines, and relevance enhancements for search.

Wendi and I were at DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation) at the same time, but we did not know one another then. While there, she developed a competitive intelligence retrieval system, successfully used for years by the sales force. Ron Smart was one of her informal mentors at DEC. A KM thought leader in the 1980s, Ron passed away on March 10, 2013.


  • InfoClear Consulting — Chief Technology Officer, 2006–2022
  • IBM — Consulting IT Specialist, 2003–2005
  • Iris Associates/Lotus Development — Lead Taxonomist, 2000–2003
  • American Mathematical Society, 1994–2000
  • Digital Equipment Corporation, 1984–1994


University of Michigan — School of Information

  • BA
  • MILS



Practical Knowledge Management: The Lotus Discovery System with Gayle Thiel and Seth Earley

Enterprise Taxonomies: A Business Professional’s Guide to Taxonomies for Content Retrieval with Richard McCarrick

Upgrading to Lotus Notes and Domino 7 with by Tim Speed, Dick McCarrick, Barry Heinz, Tara Hall, and Matthew Henry



Enterprise Search Summit

  1. Integrating Search and Taxonomy: A Deep Dive — Workshop with Lisa Kamm
  2. Boosting Findability with Lisa Kamm

Taxonomy Boot Camp

  • 2009
  1. From the Lighthouse: Visioneering Taxonomies’ Future
  2. Merging or Integrating Multiple Taxonomies
  • 2008
  1. Yaksonomy: Talking About Taxonomies
  2. Ontologies and Folksonomies
  3. Executive Round Table:“Visioneering” the Taxonomy Horizon
  1. Building a Taxonomy: The Process
  2. Enabling Your Taxonomy: Integration & Implementation


Knowledge Nets 2001

  • Landing the Raven — Positioning the Lotus KM Implementation in the Enterprise
  • Taxonomies of Knowledge: Uncovering Hidden Themes in Existing Corporate Data


  1. Leverage taxonomies for enterprise search using IBM OmniFind, IBM Classification Module, and SchemaLogic with Jochen Dörre, Josemina Magdalen, and Bob St. Clair
  2. Creating a rules-based classifier for Discovery Server 2.0
  3. Taxonomy and Classification resources should sit on development teams
  4. Why I love Twitter
  5. Creating and Maintaining Machine-Generated Taxonomies in Human Organizations: Contributions from Research and Practice with Dick McCarrick and Michael Muller
  6. Issues in the design of software systems to support voluntary electronic communities with Michael Muller
  7. The Lotus Knowledge Discovery System: Tools and experiences
  8. Building a taxonomy for auto‐classification
  9. Importing a file system taxonomy into a K-map
  10. Selecting and configuring Discovery Server data repositories

Developing Taxonomies for Content Organization



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