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This is the 33rd article in the Profiles in Knowledge series featuring thought leaders in knowledge management. It is also the third of these about husband and wife teams. John and JoAnn Girard are co-founders of Sagology, a firm that focuses on connecting people with people to collaborate and share knowledge.

John and JoAnn asked me for a chapter for Knowledge Management Matters: Words of Wisdom from Leading Practitioners, and I contributed Chapter 6: Communities Manifesto. I also suggested to them to add chapters by Tony Rhem and Nancy Dixon, which they did.

John Girard

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John P. Girard, Ph.D. is a writer, adventurer, and awarding-winning professor who has enjoyed the privilege of speaking to groups on six continents about management, education, globalization, and innovation.

John holds the Peyton Anderson Endowed Chair in Information Technology at Middle Georgia State University. Engaging with students on a daily basis ensures he remains current in the ever-changing world in which we live and do business. His current research interests include knowledge management, social media, virtual business, innovation, and globalization. John is actively engaged in research, having written more than 60 articles and chapters for peer-reviewed or trade journals, magazines, and books.

After 24 years as an officer in the Canadian Forces, John and his wife JoAnn moved to North Dakota. Throughout his military career, John had the pleasure to serve in a variety of command and staff positions in Canada, the United Kingdom and Germany, gaining experience as a leader, trainer, policy officer, human resource manager, and project manager in the Public sector environment. In 2004, while acting as Director of Knowledge Management at National Defense Headquarters in Ottawa, he joined the faculty at Minot State University, retiring at the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel.

John is a graduate of Touro University International where he completed a PhD in Business Administration and an MBA, and of the University of Manitoba where he achieved a BSc with a Computer Science major. In addition, John is a graduate of Canadian Forces College, Toronto and the Royal Military College of Science in the United Kingdom.


  1. Touro College — PhD, Business Administration, 2004 — Dissertation: Toward an understanding of enterprise dementia: An empirical examination of information anxiety amongst public service middle managers
  2. Touro College — MBA, Military Information Systems Technology, 2001
  3. University of Manitoba — BSc, Computer Science, 1993


  1. Middle Georgia State University — Peyton Anderson Endowed Chair, 2014 — Present
  2. Minot State University — Professor of Management, 2004–2014
  3. Canadian Forces — Senior Officer, 1980–2004
  • Department of National Defence — Director of Knowledge Management, 2003–2004


JoAnn Girard

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JoAnn L. Girard is the managing partner of Sagology. She has worked on a variety of knowledge intensive research projects, which considered issues such as information anxiety, enterprise dementia, and organizational memories.

JoAnn was a member of the Editorial Advisory Board for Building organizational memories: Will you know what you knew? an edited volume published by IGI Global in 2009. JoAnn is exploring social media with a view to determining what organizational leaders need to know in this emerging domain.

Prior to forming Sagology, JoAnn was co-founder of two successful technology companies. Yacht-club.net developed and hosted web presences for yachting companies in the USA, England, Scotland, Spain, Gibraltar, and Greece. Quid Pro Quo Software developed educational and edutainment software, including their flagship game, Trivia Mania. Before entering the high-tech arena, JoAnn worked in the travel industry and as a school librarian. The experience she gained in these information intensive positions proved especially valuable as she considers the knowledge challenges confronting executives today.

JoAnn dedicates most of her spare time to animals. She is a board member of her local zoological society and volunteers as an interpretive speaker at the zoo.



  1. New Site
  2. About
  3. Workshops
  1. Knowledge management is the creation, transfer, and exchange of organizational knowledge to achieve a [competitive] advantage.
  2. We have gathered a collection of more than 100 KM definitions. We have very deliberately provided a broad selection of KM definitions: some are from academics, while others are from practitioners, some are from government, others from the for profit sector, and still others are from the not for profits. We also tried to include definitions from a variety of countries.
  3. Defining knowledge management: Toward an applied compendium


  1. Publications
  2. Knowledge Sharing as an Enabler of Virtual Business
  3. Knowledge management modeling in public sector organizations: a case study
  4. Taming enterprise dementia in public sector organizations
  5. Where is the knowledge we have lost in managers?
  6. The Story of Knowledge: Writing Stories that Guide Organisations into the Future
  7. The inukshuk: A canadian knowledge management model
  8. Exploring cross-cultural differences in social knowledge creation and exchange: A preliminary examination
  9. Cross-Cultural Differences in Social Knowledge Creation and Exchange
  10. Combating Information Anxiety: A Management Responsibility
  11. Information anxiety: Fact, fable or fallacy
  12. Knowledge sharing as an enabler of virtual business
  13. The future of management… are you ready
  14. Simple Ideas That Worked in Complex Environments
  15. Defence Knowledge Management: Just A Passing Fad?
  16. Finding Greatness: Dr. John P. Girard by Larry Hollingsworth
  17. Interview with Awesome Gang
  18. LinkedIn




1. YouTube

2. Knowledge Management Playlist

3. Globalizing home — one millennial at a time: TEDxMinot

4. KSA2 Interview


1. Author Page

2. Knowledge Management Matters: Words of Wisdom from Leading Practitioners — editors

  1. Simple Ideas that Worked in Complex Environments — John and JoAnn Girard
  2. The Three Eras of Knowledge Management — Nancy M. Dixon
  3. Putting Stories to Work: Discover — Shawn Callahan
  4. Creativity and Innovation — Stephanie Barnes
  5. When They Leave, Their Knowledge (and Networks) Leave with Them — Paul Corney
  6. Communities Manifesto — Stan Garfield
  7. Knowledge Management and Big Date — Anthony J. Rhem
  8. Towards Knowledge Asset Management — Ron Young
  9. Where is KM Going? — Douglas Weidner
  10. Leading Knowledge Flows and Cocreation for Sustained Future Outcomes — Arthur Shelley
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3. A Leader’s Guide to Knowledge Management: Drawing on the Past to Enhance Future Performance

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4. Building Organizational Memories: Will You Know What You Knew? — editor

  • Preface: Toward an Understanding of Organizational Memories
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5. Social Knowledge: Using Social Media to Know What You Know — editors

  • Download
  • Preface: Toward an Understanding of Social Knowledge
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6. Strategic data-based wisdom in the big data era edited with Deanna Klein and Kristi Berg

  • Preface with Deanna Klein and Kristi Berg: An emerging view of strategic data-based wisdom in the big data era
  • Chapter 3 with Douglas Weidner: Moneyball for knowledge management
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7. Business Goes Virtual: Realizing the Value of Collaboration, Social and Virtual Strategieswith Cindy Gordon

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8. Social Roots: Why Social Innovations are Creating the Influence Economy with Cindy Gordon and Andrew Weir

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9. Tips for Two: Tales of a Globetrotting Couple

10. Sage Sayings: Inspiring Native American Passages for Leaders


1. The Public Management of Defence in Canada edited by Craig Stone

  • Chapter: Knowledge Management in DND

2. Knowledge Management: Research and Applications edited by Alex Koohang

  • Chapter 6 with Nicholas Bowersox: Leading knowledge: What do middle managers think?

3. Principles of Effective Online Teaching edited by Nicole A. Buzzetto-More

  • Chapter 3 with Lori Willoughby and Kristi Berg: Video, Voice, and Virtual Collaboration: The 3Vs of Asynchronous Education
  • Download

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