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Stan Garfield
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This is the 69th article in the Profiles in Knowledge series featuring thought leaders in knowledge management. Jane McConnell is an independent advisor to global organizations on digital and workplace strategies based in Uzès, Occitanie, France. We were both presenters at KMWorld 2006, 2011, and 2013. Jane attended the SIKM Leaders Community KMWorld Dinner in 2011 in DC.


Jane was born in Nebraska, grew up in Arizona, and went to college in California. She now lives in Provence, just minutes away from the Roman Pont du Gard.

Jane is an analyst/practitioner with over 20 years of advising organizations on their internal digital strategies and 10 years of doing research. She has conducted annual surveys on The Organization in the Digital Age with 300–400 companies around the world, and published annual reports from 2007 through 2017.

Starting in 2018, she runs a research program on the gig mindset, which is the subject of her book The Gig Mindset Advantage and her podcast Bold New Breed.

Jane wrote the Executive Summary and Key Findings in Boston University’s Leading in the Digital Age, part of edX courses organized by leading universities in the US. She defined the Foundational Framework and corresponding Scorecard for organizations. Jane created and facilitates New Era Workplace Shift (initially Paris-based, but now virtual), a work group of organizational and digital practitioners in global organizations. She wrote the first business-oriented Internet book published in France in 1996.


  • California State University, Fresno — BA, Language and literature



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