Originally posted 17-Dec-20

The eleventh step in the 12 Steps to KM Success has two parts:

  1. Innovate key KM processes and tools to implement the strategy and achieve the vision.

The second part was previously covered in KM Programs: Implement, Improve, and Iterate. This post addresses the first part — innovating KM processes and tools.

How to stimulate innovation

  1. Ask communities of practice, both internal and external, for ideas.

Enable innovation by supporting integration

Supporting easy software integration enables a variety of tools to be independently developed and interconnected. For example, at HP, the following eight innovative tools were created as skunk works projects.

1. KM Stars: Incentive points system for recognizing and rewarding knowledge sharing

2. me @hp: Social networking profiles (like LinkedIn)

3. HPedia: Wiki (like Wikipedia)

4. HP Blogs: Employee blogging

5. HP Bookmarking Server: Social bookmarks

6. HP Uncut: Videos (like YouTube)

7. HP Podcasts: Podcasting platform

8. Pligg: News story submission and voting platform (like Digg and Reddit)

They were then connected by three integration tools:

1. HP Knowledge Network: Intranet portal

2. WaterCooler: RSS feed aggregator

3. Searchable: User interface to multiple search engines

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