How to get help in implementing knowledge management

Originally posted Jan 16, 2017

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Q: How do I get help in implementing knowledge management?

A: Here are some good ways:

  1. Join the SIKM Leaders Community and post questions there.
  2. Use these KM resources.
  3. Hire a KM consultant.
  4. Ask a KM thought leader to present to your organization.
  5. Invite me to present the following:

KM 101: Implementing a KM Program

  1. Share what has been learned, created, and proved to allow others to learn from the experience of the organization and reuse what has already been done. This provides a supply of knowledge.
  2. Innovate by being more creative, inventive, and imaginative, resulting in breakthroughs from bold new ways of thinking and doing. This creates new knowledge.
  3. Reuse what others have already learned, created, and proved to save time and money, minimize risk, and be more effective. This creates a demand for knowledge.
  4. Collaborate with others to yield better results, benefit from diverse perspectives, and tap the experience and expertise of many other people. This allows knowledge to flow at the time of need, creates communities, and takes advantage of the strength in numbers.
  5. Learn by doing, from others, and from existing information to perform better, solve and avoid problems, and make good decisions. Learning is the origin of knowledge.
  1. Create a Top 3 Objectives List of challenges and opportunities which your KM program will address. These objectives align business direction with program goals.
  2. Provide 9 Answers to questions about people, process, and technology. This information defines who will participate, which processes will be required, and how tools will support the people and processes.
  3. Define the KM Strategy. These are specific actions which will be taken to implement the program.
  4. Gain the sponsorship of your senior executive through The 10 Commitments. These commitments from the leader of your organization will enable the KM strategy to be implemented.
  5. Create and execute the Implementation Plan. This plan spells out the details of implementing the initiative. Contained in the Implementation Plan are program governance; desired modes of knowledge flow; people, process, and technology component selection; and implementation plans for some of the components. Each one of these needs to be followed as part of implementing the overall plan.

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