Originally answered Apr 3, 2019

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  1. Serve and support them with whatever they need
  2. Listen to, trust, and enable them to succeed
  3. Regularly thank, praise, and celebrate them
  4. Don’t criticize blame, or ridicule them
  5. Be honest, open, and transparent as much as possible
  6. Stay positive, optimistic, and calm
  7. Communicate appropriately, thoroughly, and promptly
  8. Practice and reward caring, sharing, and daring — caring for others, sharing what you know, and daring to try new ideas
  9. Respond quickly and decisively
  10. Be generous with your time, resources, and knowledge
  11. Practice what you preach, model the desired behaviors, and lead by example
  12. Do the right thing
  • Do what is right — logically, financially, morally, ethically, and environmentally — with decency, integrity, and fairness
  • Do it the right way — honestly, accurately, correctly, and completely
  • Do it right away — don’t procrastinate, make excuses, or avoid what is unpleasant

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