Originally answered Aug 23, 2019

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  1. Strike up conversations with most of the people they meet. At conferences and other events, sit at tables with people they don’t know, and introduce themselves to start conversations.
  2. Introduce people to each other based on common interests. Ask to be introduced to others.
  3. Join and actively participate in communities and professional associations. Invite others to join.
  4. Give presentations at conferences, on community calls, and at the invitation of organizations. Talk to people who approach them afterwards. Invite others to speak on community calls, at community events, and in visits.
  5. Communicate regularly through tweets, LinkedIn updates, articles, blog posts, books, podcasts, and videos. Answer questions in Quora, comment and like posts, and respond to comments.
  6. Agree to be interviewed for podcasts, videos, articles, blog posts, and books. Interview others in the same ways.
  7. Agree to participate in and lead panel discussions at conferences and online. Participate regularly in Twitter chats.
  8. Contact others with mutual interests through email, LinkedIn messaging, and social media. Respond to people who contact them in the same ways. Connect to others through LinkedIn, and accept connection requests.
  9. Stay in touch regularly with people by email, phone, text, chat. Seek opportunities to meet up in person for coffee, drinks, or meals.
  10. Work Out Loud to inform people what they are working on and where they will be. Invite people to meet up when visiting another location.

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