1. Why do you want to pursue a PhD in KM? Do you want to be faculty or just to prefix the “Dr.” word? If you want to continue in the corporate sectors only and not as faculty, then I would suggest leave aside your PhD, as it’s of no use.
  2. Go for some specialized courses on “Big Data Analytics”, Social Media Analytics and their usage in Business Decision Making Process. Currently KM has gone into different levels such as KM suite or SECM (Social Enterprise Collaboration Model).
  3. I would suggest going for a PMP course, which aligns with your KM assignments.”
  1. What are effective ways to get people to overcome their reluctance to ask questions openly?
  2. What are effective ways to motivate people to share and reuse knowledge, including formal goals, recognition, rewards, and gamification?
  3. What are effective ways to help people move from using email for everything to using it for what it does best, and using other tools for what they do best?
  4. How can the glut of information flow be managed more effectively so that people can pay attention to the things that matter the most and not be distracted by other noise?
  5. How can cognitive computing be used to optimize searching, sharing, and paying attention to important information?
  6. Define a set of metrics that have been used effectively to actively monitor and improve KM programs and enterprise collaboration
  7. Prove or debunk the 90–9–1 rule of thumb for participation and community engagement
  8. Prove or debunk the value of maturity models for knowledge management, enterprise collaboration, and related areas
  9. Prove or debunk the validity of computing the return on investment (ROI) of knowledge management and enterprise collaboration
  10. Prove or debunk the value of best practice replication and lessons learned databases



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Stan Garfield

Stan Garfield


Knowledge Management Author and Speaker, Founder of SIKM Leaders Community, Community Evangelist, Knowledge Manager https://sites.google.com/site/stangarfield/