Originally published August 11, 2015

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I was asked about awards for KM, intranets, and related areas. Here are the ones of which I am aware.



3.MIKE: Most Innovative Knowledge Enterprise Award

4. KMWorld

5. Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) Best Practices in Knowledge Management

6. Global Knowledge Management Congress & Awards

7. Knowledge Management Leadership Awards (India)

8. actKM Awards (Australia) — no longer active

9. The Knowledge Management and Intellectual Capital Excellence Awards at ECKM(Europe)

10. Henley Forum 2020 Awards (UK)

11. Knowledge Ready Organisation (KRO) Awards

  1. Step Two Designs Intranet Innovation Awards
  2. Nielsen Norman Group 10 Best Intranets
  3. Ragan Intranet Awards
  4. Intra.Net Reloaded INTRA.NET Awards
  5. Web Marketing Association Best Intranet Websites
  6. Intranet Now Award
  7. Digital Workplace of the Year Awards
  1. CIPR (Chartered Institute of Public Relations) Inside Awards
  2. Digital Communication Awards
  3. Digital Impact Awards
  4. Digital PR & Social Media Awards
  5. The Melcrum Awards
  6. Forrester Groundwell Awards

Are there any others?

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