• Umes Shrestha

    Umes Shrestha

    Teacher. Teacher Developer. Right-brain@Unlearn Academy

  • Priya Bhattacharji

    Priya Bhattacharji

    (har)binger of sorts

  • Selwaeliraqi


  • Luzita Francis

    Luzita Francis

  • Janne Ruohisto

    Janne Ruohisto

    Founder and CEO of @intunex. Developing a unique social business application that changes the way people locate, share & develop expertise within organizations.

  • Xuxuxu


    Bio + Data + Graph. @lang: en+cn

  • jedpc


    Senior Strategy Consultant for ECM at a big bank. KM, Information Management, ECM and collaboration evangelist, see the blog. All opinions are mine.no one elses

  • Juliette L. Swett

    Juliette L. Swett

    Learning and Developing creatively. Developing Learning collaboratively. A hint of eLearning, Android, and organizational change. Active in #CCASTD

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