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  • The Issue: Knowledge management, in practice, has fallen short of its goal of transforming the way companies work.
  • The Problem: Many firms have focused solely on disseminating knowledge via technology, ignoring the other aspects of knowledge management.
  • The Bottom Line: Organizations need a broader management strategy, one that addresses how they are creating, sharing and using knowledge.
  1. Knowledge Creation
  2. Knowledge Dissemination
  3. Knowledge Application
  • Gain the essential theoretical and practical understanding, techniques, skills, and tools to launch or enhance your organization’s KM/KS practices and to apply knowledge management and knowledge services immediately and effectively for the organization’s benefit;
  • Acquire the necessary depth and breadth of knowledge, understanding, and experience to begin practicing knowledge management and providing knowledge services for clients and enhance their participation in enterprise-wide knowledge management/knowledge services activities;
  • Benefit from a flexible program that matches your professional goals and interests and allows you to balance them with your work schedule, lifestyle, and other requirements;
  • Engage in live lectures, live and online discussions, selected readings, and exercises that build and reinforce your existing expertise and skills in knowledge management/knowledge services; and
  • Enjoy dynamic and experienced instruction, an extensive curriculum, quality training materials, and high value that are the hallmarks of SLA’s professional development programs and SMR International’s KM/KS training.
  • KMKS101 Fundamentals of Knowledge Management and Knowledge Services
  • KMKS102 The Knowledge Audit: Evaluating Intellectual Capital Use
  • KMKS103 Knowledge Strategy: Developing the Enterprise-Wide Knowledge Culture
  • KMKS104 Networking and Social Media: Technology-Enabled Knowledge Sharing
  • KMKS105 Change Management and Change Implementation in the Knowledge Domain
  • KMKS106 Critical Success Factors: Measuring Knowledge Services
  1. Section 1: Fundamental Concepts and Theories in Knowledge Management
  2. Section 2: Knowledge Management Development and Design Methodologies
  3. Section 3: Knowledge Management: Tools and Technologies
  4. Section 4: Utilization and Application of Knowledge Management
  5. Section 5: Organizational and Social Implications of Knowledge Management
  6. Section 6: Managerial Impact of Knowledge Management
  7. Section 7: Critical Issues in Knowledge Management
  8. Section 8: Emerging Trends in Knowledge Management



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Stan Garfield

Stan Garfield

Knowledge Management Author and Speaker, Founder of SIKM Leaders Community, Community Evangelist, Knowledge Manager