Originally published on August 17, 2016

My Australian friend Matt Moore asked for examples of enterprise collaboration platform maturity models in this SIKM Leaders Community Thread.

I did some research and found 31 resources which relate to Matt’s query:

  1. Gartner Maturity Model for Enterprise Collaboration and Social Software by Jeffrey Mann
  2. Gartner Maturity Model for Digital Workplace Programs by Gavin Tay, Hanns Koehler-Kruener, Carol Rozwell
  3. IDC MaturityScape: Social Business by Vanessa Thompson, Michael Fauscette, Lisa Rowan, Christine Dover
  4. Forrester Playbook: The Enterprise Collaboration Playbook For 2017 by Art Schoeller
  5. Real Story Group’s RealScore Benchmarks Digital Effectiveness by Jarrod Gingras
  6. Enterprise Social Collaboration Progression Model by James Allen, Anindya Gupta, Michael Philpott, Sagar Valluripalli, Nur Yusoff (University of Arizona) and Marc Ashbrook (Microsoft)
  7. What is Your Collaboration Maturity Level? by Christian Buckley
  8. Measuring Your Social Collaboration Progression by Christian Buckley
  9. The Five-Step Maturity Model for Building a Collaborative Organization by Jacob Morgan
  10. Collaboration Maturity Model by FOW (Future of Work) Community
  11. Enterprise Collaboration Maturity Model (ECMM): Preliminary Definition and Future Challenges by J. Alonso, I. Martínez de Soria, L. Orue-Echevarria, M. Vergara
  12. Enterprise Collaboration Maturity Model (ECMM) Slide
  13. Collaboration Maturity Model Slide 3
  14. Building Enterprise 2.0 on Culture 1.0 by Nathan Wallace The Enterprise Collaboration Maturity Model
  15. Enterprise Collaboration Maturity Model recorded presentation by Mikel Ede Vergara
  16. Intranet Maturity FrameworkThe FrameworkStage 3: Collaboration-Driven Intranets
  17. The enterprise collaboration or emergent collaboration maturity model Pinterest board
  18. Collaboration Maturity & Platforms SlideShare
  19. A Collaboration Maturity Model (Col-MM): Development and Exploratory Application by Imed Boughzala, Gert-Jan de Vreede
  20. A Roadmap to the Collaboration Maturity Model (CollabMM) Evolution by Andréa Magalhães Magdaleno, Renata Mendes de Araujo, Cláudia Maria Lima Werner
  21. Towards a Maturity Model for E-Collaboration by Stefanie Hain and Andrea Back
  22. Model for Enterprise Collaboration and Social Software — IBM and Gartner Pages 14–18
  23. Utilizing the Employee Experience Maturity Model to Optimize Your Enterprise Collaboration by Stacy Weng
  24. Enterprise Interoperability IV Table 1: Maturity Model Examples
  25. Social Business Maturity Model, The Next Generation by Michael Fauscette
  26. Raise the Bar on Customer Experience with Maturity Models by Seth Earley
  27. Social Collaboration Metrics by Manfred Langen
  28. Office 365 readiness: Know your organization’s collaborative maturity by Marc Anderson
  29. EY’s 6 dimensions for enterprise community success by Tammy Young Heck
  30. The Community Roundtable’s Community Maturity Model
  31. The Three Waves of Enterprise 2.0: Climbing the Social Computing Maturity Curve by Dion Hinchcliffe

For information on Knowledge Management Maturity Models, see:

If you know of other resources, please comment to add them.

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