Originally published January 5, 2015

When Twitter began to gain momentum, a weekly meme called Follow Friday was widely used to promote recommended Twitter users. As a new Twitter user in 2008, I adopted this convention, and extended it to the other days of the work week by adding daily themes for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Having daily themes helps answer these questions:

  • Why should I post?
  • When should I post?
  • What should I post about?
  • Which content should I save for future posts?

To help me answer these questions, I use the following daily themes on Twitter:

  • #MM Meeting Monday: promote events, conferences, community meetings, calls, and Twitter chats which are upcoming in the week
  • #TT Trackback Tuesday: blog posts
  • #WW Website Wednesday: web sites or any other web content
  • #TiTh Title Thursday: recommend books
  • #FF Follow Friday: recommend people to follow

In my company’s Enterprise Social Network (ESN), I use these:

  • #MM Meeting Monday: Inform about an upcoming meeting, event, call, or location where you will be or in which you will participate in the coming week
  • #TT Tuesday Tip: Share a tip, trick, technique, link, or proven practice
  • #WW Wednesday Words: Share word usage examples
  • #ThTh Thankful Thursday: Recognize a colleague, show appreciation for an accomplishment, or let others know what you are thankful for
  • #FF Follow Friday: Recommend topics, groups, or people to follow

Here are other suggested themes:

  • Monday: Metrics, Marcom, Methods, Mention, Maxim
  • Tuesday: Training, Talk, Technique
  • Wednesday: Wish (suggest an idea, request an enhancement, or let others know what you are wishing for), Wisdom (share a quote or piece of advice), Win, Writer
  • Thursday: Throwback (#TBT), Thought leadership, Things to avoid, Thoughtful, Throwdown, Thought
  • Friday: Feedback, Fun, Find

For more daily themes, see How to Build Your Personal Digital Brand.

Do you use daily themes? If so, which ones? What others do you suggest?

Knowledge Management Author and Speaker, Founder of SIKM Leaders Community, Community Evangelist, Knowledge Manager https://sites.google.com/site/stangarfield/

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