Originally posted Jan 8, 2018

Q1: One of my top challenges is creating reasonable targets and KPIs to measure community success against. Could anyone point me to good resources in this area?

Q2: Does anyone have workable KPIs for Community Management?

Q3: I’m looking for resources that can help me shape my initial community goals, but I can’t seem to find any with quantitative data (REAL numbers). Does this exist anywhere? It would be more along the lines of # of users, # of posts, etc.

A: The following articles may be helpful:

  1. Community Goals and Measurements
  2. Useful ESN analytics
  3. How to tell the health of a community
  4. What makes a great community?
  5. 5 questions to answer before starting a new community
  6. What are you supposed to do in a community?
  7. COLLABORATION Use Cases: What do you want to do?
  8. 90–9–1 Rule of Thumb: Fact or Fiction?
  9. Metrics & data & charts, oh my!
  10. Articles on Goals, Measurements, Metrics, Analytics, and Reports
  11. Articles and Presentations about Enterprise Social Networks (ESNs)
  12. Articles and Presentations About Communities of Practice and Community Management

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