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20-Sep-06 Archive of Weekly KM Blog by Stan Garfield

KM Books

Books by Han van Loon (Amazon)

  1. Reach for the STARS: Leadership and management in the new millennium — STARS is a personal approach to leadership, management and improvement. Han van Loon describes the personal attributes of people as Star types and how to copy their successful approach. The book describes the STARS concept, starting with personal achievement and improvement; through creating high performance teams and innovation; to ensuring enterprise excellence. Learn the simple, memorable means to lead and manage your way to personal success, team leadership and customer satisfaction. STARS eight themes cover personal, team, cultural, customer, product, systems, environmental, improvement and innovation leadership and management.
  2. Reach for the STARS: Pocket Guidebook — The pocket guidebook provides a condensed yet practical guide to leadership and management success following the STARS method.
  3. Process Assessment and Improvement: A practical guide for managers, quality professionals and assessors — This book provides the reader with a powerful and practical approach to improving their organization through process assessment, combined with people factors such as organizational culture and team based improvement. The book covers practical implementation aspects of process assessment and improvement, complementing the detailed reference material in the Reference Book that is focused on describing the standard.
  4. Process Assessment and ISO/IEC 15504: A Reference Book — This book provides the reader with a detailed interpretation of the emerging ISO/IEC 15504 Process Assessment Standard. This standard goes beyond quality audits to help you assess how well your organization performs its processes. The book provides detailed guidance for readers on the ISO/IEC process assessment standard. It describes the power and benefits of a process approach, and process assessment. It guides the reader through the various parts of the standard in an understandable and practical manner. Managers will find guidance in selecting and applying process assessment to benefit their organizations. The book is complemented by a practical guide, which describes the practical application of assessments.

KM Links

2006 Cluster Events

September 29 Value Networks and Social Media — Irving, TX

  • Network Strategies for Managing Complexity: Organizational and Value Network Analysis — Verna Allee
  • Web 2.0: What does it Bring to Business? Case Studies, Success Stories and Next Practices — Bill Ives, IQuest
  • Conversation: The Core Knowledge Transfer Technology — Nancy Dixon, Common Knowledge Associates
  • Japan’s suppa ginosha Movement: 21st Century Human Capital, Knowledge Transfer, & Organization Development — Michael J. English, Best Practices, LLC
  • Time as a New Currency: Flexible and Mobile Work Strategies — Camille Venezia, Knoll
  • 21st Century Knowledge Leadership: Winning the War for Talent — Adriaan Jooste, Deloitte

October 12–13 The Value of Networks — Waltham, MA

  • Value Network Strategies: Organizational and Value Network Analysis — Verna Allee
  • The Golden Ratio: Too Pretty Not To Be True — Oliver Schwabe, Eurofocus
  • Value Network Archetypes: Truth to Power, Carol Rozwell, VP & Distinguished Analyst, Gartner Life Sciences
  • Advanced Social Network Analysis: Tools, Concepts, Results — Patti Anklam and Joseph Hutchinson, Hutchinson Associates
  • Web 2.0: What does it Bring to Business? Case Studies, Success Stories and Next Practices — Bill Ives, IQuest
  • Web 2.0: Value Networks Next Practices — Kathleen Gilroy, The Otter Group

October 27 Organizational Storytelling and Business Narratives — Cleveland, OH

  • The Leader’s Guide to Storytelling: Mastering the Art and Discipline of Business Narrative — Steve Denning
  • Methods and Techniques for Creating and Leading High Performance Teams and Communities — Steve Denning
  • Social Network Pathways — Valdis Krebs, Chief Scientist , OrgNet
  • Next Steps in Network Business Narrative: Leading High Performance Organizations — Steve Denning and Valdis Krebs

November 2 European Prediction Markets Summit — Vienna, Austria

  • Bernd H. Ankenbrand, Managing Director, The Knowledge Laboratory
  • Martin Spann, Professor of Marketing and Innovation, Universitat Passau
  • Emile Servan-Schreiber, Co-founder, CEO, newsfutures
  • John Delaney, CEO & Founder, Intrade & TradeSports
  • Hubertus Hofkirchner, CEO, red monitor
  • Jed D. Christiansen The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
  • Dr. Harald Katzmair, General Manager, FAS.research

KM Questions

Q: What issues do you face with regard to tacit knowledge, and how do you manage these issues?



  1. Getting people to join and actively participate in communities — people claim they don’t have enough time.
  2. Getting people to ask questions — people are often reluctant to ask questions and possibly expose their ignorance.
  3. Getting people to tell their stories — avenues for storytelling may not exist.


  1. Set goals for everyone to be active in at least one community.
  2. Redirect email exchanges and individual questions to the appropriate community.
  3. Create tacit knowledge sharing vehicles such as conference calls and podcasts where stories can be told.

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