Articles and Presentations about Enterprise Social Networks (ESNs)

Originally posted Oct 26, 2017

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  1. Enterprise Social Networks: Vision, Benefits, and Principles
  2. 5 Reasons for Starting an ESN Program
  3. Tips for starting an ESN program
  4. ESN Tradeoffs
  5. Daily Themes for ESN Posts
  6. How leaders can improve internal communications using an ESN
  7. Analyze this: Useful ESN analytics
  8. Types of Communities & ESN Groups: a TRAIL that COLLECTS
  9. To control or not to: only you can prevent redundant ESN groups
  10. How to govern ESN groups
  11. Addition by subtraction: When to delete in Yammer
  12. 100 Articles on Yammer, Microsoft Teams, Jive, Slack, and Workplace by Facebook

Related Concepts

  1. 8 reasons for working out loud and narrating your work
  2. In praise of praising your colleagues
  3. Open the gates and tear down the walls; moving from “need to know” to “need to share”
  4. Return on Investment (ROI) for Social Business
  5. How to Be a Great Community Manager
  6. 90–9–1 Rule of Thumb: Fact or Fiction?
  7. COLLABORATION Use Cases: What do you want to do?
  8. 20 knowledge-sharing bad habits — and how to break them


  1. What are you supposed to do in an ESN?
  2. Does Size Matter in ESN Groups?
  3. Community Managers: What’s Needed?
  4. What are the biggest advantages and disadvantages of Yammer and Slack?
  5. What are Yammer’s metrics?
  6. What are the best features of current Enterprise Social Networks?
  7. Enterprise Social Network (ESN) groups: Can there be too many, and should they be public or private?
  8. How do you get people to use an Enterprise Social Network (ESN)?


  1. Online ESN Platforms
  2. Enterprise Social Network (ESN) Vendor Requirements
  3. Threaded discussions and Enterprise Social Networks (ESNs)


  1. Using Your Enterprise Social Network For Knowledge Management
  2. ESNchat: Using ESN for KM


  1. 18-Feb-14 KM Chicago: ESNs: Tradeoffs and Examples
  2. 07-Nov-13 Enterprise Social Network Tradeoffs
  3. 18-Oct-12 KMWorld 2012: Making Business Social

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