Originally published on October 7, 2017

I was asked to answer five questions about knowledge management. Here are my answers.

Q1: Do you use any standard model or framework of knowledge management?

A1: No, but I have defined standard KM activities, program implementation steps, program techniques, specialties, and components.

KM Activities

KM Program Implementation Steps

KM Program Techniques

KM Specialties, Components, and Frameworks

KM Standard

Q2: Do you think using frameworks and maturity models is the first step in implementing knowledge management in organizations?

A2: No. It can be helpful to identify your organization’s current and desired states for a knowledge management program. But each environment is unique.

Seth Godin wrote, “Benchmarking against the universe actually encourages us to be mediocre, to be average, to just do what everyone else is doing.” I recommend using frameworks, models, and benchmarking as sources of ideas, not as precise prescriptions to be slavishly followed. See Knowledge Management Maturity Models.

Q3: How do you motivate people to increase their participation in KM?

A3: See:

Q4: What are the KM best solutions?

A4: There are no KM solutions that can be applied right out of the box. To meet the top 3 objectives of your KM program, choose the most relevant of the 50 KM components:

Q5: What are the trends in KM, and what does the future hold?


KM Trends

Digital Transformation: The role of KM

Important Skills for KM

Actions for KM to better support the organization

The Future of KM

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