Originally published January 21, 2016

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Several of my colleagues are looking for jobs as community managers and asked for some advice. In addition to using LinkedIn, I suggested using communities focused on community management to learn more about how the community manager role is defined, to post about personal availability, to search for posts about job openings, and to monitor for new job postings.

How to use LinkedIn to find job openings

Many community manager jobs are posted in LinkedIn. Here are two ways to keep up with openings.

1. Search LinkedIn job openings

  • Click on “Save search” in the upper right
  • You can save up to 10 job searches to easily access from the results page
  • LinkedIn can automatically run your search and email you the new results

2. Subscribe to email alerts

  • Under your profile thumbnail in upper right, click on “Settings & Privacy”
  • On the left, click on “Communications”
  • Click on “Email”
  • Click on “Jobs”
  • Select your options

Communities for community management

The first community listed below is explicitly to help find jobs. Many of the others can be used for both job searches and for learning more about community management.

1. Albert’s Job Listings & Referrals Facebook Group

  • Where the best candidates meet the best opportunities to network and find suitable employment
  • Get up to the date listings on jobs, with guaranteed email referrals to recruiters and more
  • As a member you’ll be able to browse old listings and the nationwide recruiter list

2. CMX Hub Facebook Group

  • This group is made up of thousands of experienced and novice community professionals from all over the world
  • Our mission is to help community professionals thrive
  • This is where we unite online to support each other, share learnings and develop a network of peers
  • You can read case studies, watch expert videos, learn more about CMX, and find jobs in the Job Board

3. Community Manager, Advocate, and Evangelist Facebook Group

  • A place for Online Community Managers to connect
  • You’re welcome to share useful information that is related to online community management and ask questions, but don’t share your latest blog post/product
  • Job posts are also fine as long as we don’t get inundated

4a. The Community Roundtable Facebook Group

  • This group is designed to provide a forum for lively conversations and idea sharing about communities, community strategy, and the impact communities have on business
  • Part of members-only TheCR Network

4b. The Community Roundtable LinkedIn Group

  • This group is designed for community leaders to connect and share information informally
  • The Community Roundtable offers TheCR Network, a private peer network for community and social business leaders

5. The Community Management Group LinkedIn Group

  • This is a group for those whose job involves the creation and management of online communities.
  • It exists to help you network with fellow community managers, share tips and ideas on how communities can flourish and discuss the latest trends in the sector.

6. Community Manager Forum LinkedIn Group

  • This group is intended for community management professionals and the professionals that provide services to the industry.
  • Its purpose is to provide a “safe” place for managers and others to share their day-to-day problems and questions, and invite feedback from others on solutions.

7. Community Managers (Social Media Managers) LinkedIn Group

  • This is a group for Community Managers to share their experience, customer engagement know-how, and general expertise
  • How to use social in new and different ways for community management

8. Community Managers LinkedIn Group

  • The Community management job is relatively new
  • Are you ready not to stay in your office, but to work online, communicating with web communities and bloggers, to visit events and to build the necessary confidence in your company?

9. Feverbee Discussions

  • Practical tips to build online communities
  • For people on a mission to build powerful communities
  • This community differs a little from most in that the members are community professionals who know the drill
  • For that reason, a long list of what you can and can’t do isn’t necessary

10. Australian Community Managers

11. Chicago Online Community Professionals

12. SIKM Leaders Community

See also:

What other suggestions do you have for job searchers? What other communities do you recommend for community management?

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