600 Blog Posts: History, Milestones, and Top Posts

Originally posted August 4, 2019

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This is my 600th blog post. It’s a good time to reflect on over 13 years of blogging.

I write about leadership, innovation, knowledge management, communities, collaboration, and social media in these four blogs:

I also blogged about dining and food.


I started a KM blog in February, 2006 on Line56.com (now defunct). In February, 2007, I moved the blog to hp.com. When I left HP in 2008, I switched to Twitter.

In June, 2014. I started publishing LinkedIn Articles for posts longer than my LinkedIn Posts.

My first Quora answer was to What are some recommendations for good social media and/or digital marketing conferences to attend? in January, 2011. When Quora began offering blogs, I started one in November, 2016.

Lucidea began publishing my content in October, 2016 with KM Adoption Can be Increased Through Gamification Techniques. My first post for Lucidea was in May, 2017.

I began using Medium to restore my Line56 and hp.com blog posts in March, 2015. I now use it to make a copy of every post from every other platform. The Line56 and hp.com posts are also backed up on Quora. This ensures that my posts will continue to be available even if one platform should go away.


  1. First Line56 post on 20-Feb-06 Lesser-Known KM Books; KM Toolkits; 32 KM Thought Leaders
  2. First hp.com post on 20-Feb-07 Organizing Knowledge, Core Objectives, Incentives, KM Roadmap
  3. First LinkedIn article on May 29, 2014 Successful Knowledge Leadership: Principles and Practice
  4. 50th LinkedIn article on May 11, 2015 10 years of SIKM and Setting up a KM Program
  5. 100th LinkedIn article on June 14, 2016 Implementing a Successful KM Program and 20 Years in Knowledge Management
  6. First Quora post on Nov 22, 2016 Managing Knowledge to Ensure the Future
  7. First Lucidea post on 12-May-17 How to be a Great KM Communicator
  8. 200th LinkedIn article: David Weinberger: Profiles in Knowledge — July 18, 2018
  9. 400th blog post: David Snowden: Profiles in Knowledge — July 11, 2018
  10. 500th blog post: Luis Suarez: Profiles in Knowledge — January 12, 2019

Top Posts

My Top 10 Most-Viewed Medium Stories

  1. 23K — 10 Types of Knowledge Management Strategies View story
  2. 11.8K — Archiving, Document Management, and Records Management View story
  3. 6.6K — What are examples of information systems that are needed in organizations? View story
  4. 6.2K — 9 Questions to Answer for Knowledge Management View story
  5. 6.1K — 100 Questions & Answers on Collaboration & Communities View story
  6. 5.7K — Personal Knowledge Management: How to do it, with 25 resources and 10 books on PKM View story
  7. 4K — 15 Issues in Knowledge Management View story
  8. 3.6K — Daily Themes for Social Media View story
  9. 3K — Knowledge Management Maturity Models View story
  10. 2.6K — Knowledge Management Implementation Plan and KM Program Governance View story

My Top 10 Most-Viewed Quora Blog Posts

  1. 1.51K — Proven Practices for Promoting a Knowledge Management Program
  2. 1.1K — Articles and Presentations About Communities of Practice and Community Management
  3. 1.1K — Books on Community Management and Communities of Practice
  4. 1.04K — Articles and Presentations about Social Media
  5. 909 — Implementing a Successful Knowledge Management Program
  6. 908 — Knowledge Management Technology Components
  7. 856 — Articles and Presentations about Innovation
  8. 688 — Knowledge Management Tools
  9. 665 — Working Out Loud Revisited
  10. 646 — Managing Knowledge to Ensure the Future

My Most-Viewed LinkedIn Articles

  1. Top Group Profile in Knowledge: 1,500 — Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)
  2. Top Individual Profile in Knowledge: 741 — Peter Drucker
  1. Top Technology Component: 1,459 — Wikis
  2. Top Process Component: 3,968 — Knowledge Capture Process
  3. Top People Component: 2,724 — Knowledge-Sharing Culture and Values
  • My Top 25 Other Most-Viewed Articles
  1. 121,525–15 Knowledge Management Benefits
  2. 24,731–16 Reasons Why People Don’t Share Their Knowledge — and what to do about it
  3. 18,115–7 Habits of Highly Successful Knowledge Managers
  4. 17,378–9 Questions to Answer for Knowledge Management
  5. 16,859 — How to Be a Better Leader
  6. 14,577 — Daily Themes for Social Media
  7. 7,439–100 Knowledge Management Specialties, 50 KM Components, and 50 Alternative Names for KM
  8. 7,352 — Personal Knowledge Management: How to do it, with 25 resources and 10 books on PKM
  9. 6,194 — Implementing a Successful KM Program, 100th Post, and 20 Years in Knowledge Management
  10. 4,646 — Getting a PhD in Knowledge Management, and 10 possible research topics
  11. 4,598 — Identifying the Top 3 Objectives for a KM Program
  12. 3,626–10 Types of Knowledge Management Strategies
  13. 3,580–90–9–1 Rule of Thumb: Fact or Fiction?
  14. 2,823 — Communities Manifesto: 10 Principles for Successful Communities
  15. 2,487–10 Ways to Build Expertise in Knowledge Management
  16. 2,485–10 Priorities for a Knowledge Management Program
  17. 2,278–10 Tips for Successful Face-to-Face Meetings
  18. 2,226–5 Pitfalls to Avoid in Knowledge Management
  19. 3,436 — How to motivate knowledge sharing using gamification, goals, recognition, and rewards
  20. 2,245 — How to Be a Great Community Manager
  21. 3,282 — Are you certifiable in knowledge management?
  22. 2,027 — Is knowledge management on life support in most organizations?
  23. 2,929 — Why share your knowledge?
  24. 2,732 — Knowledge Management Maturity Models
  25. 2,143 — Tips for starting a KM or ESN program

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