Originally posted 12-Jul-18

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In my latest book, Proven Practices for Promoting a Knowledge Management Program, I share a number of keys to success (Chapter 12) for KM practitioners implementing knowledge management initiatives within the corporate world.

Here is my baker’s dozen:

1. Collect content; connect people

  • Link to repositories within discussions

2. Try things out; improve and iterate

  • Implement sooner, not later

3. Lead by example; model behaviors

  • Practice what you preach

4. Set goals; recognize and reward

  • Set 3 goals; make them simple, fundamental, measurable

5. Tell your stories; get others to tell theirs

  • Engage listeners

6. Use the right tool for the job; build good examples

  • Recommend uses for each tool

7. Enable innovation; support integration

  • Don’t require a single platform

8. Stay inclusive; span boundaries

  • Set the tone for a community

9. Prime the pump; ask and answer questions

  • Post questions on behalf of others

10. Network; pay it forward

  • Meet in person whenever possible

11. Let go of control; encourage and monitor

  • Set guidelines, rely on existing codes of conduct

12. Just say yes; be responsive

  • Ask users what they want

13. Meet less; deliver more

  • Smaller teams are more effective

I’m delighted that Lucidea Press has published Proven Practices for Promoting a Knowledge Management Program, and I have enjoyed meeting many of you at book signings during KMWorld and SLA conferences.

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